My poems written from 2015-2016


18. 18

The first time I wore it

I was nervous

To say the least

I mean

I hadn't ever done anything like this.

As I walked out the door,

my lips screaming

"Look at me,"

With their blue pigmented cry

I thought it showed my confidence.

It had taken me years to work up to this.

But I should've known

That people don't like that.

All day,

As I walked down the hallway

"Are you cold?"

"Wow, that's... Bright"

And the always hilarious

"How many smurfs did you blow?"

Did they notice that I didn't laugh?

Probably not.

They were too just congratulating themselves

On that joke I had heard 10 times that day.

Too busy rejoicing in the fact

That they were not me.

What was I to do?

I couldn't take it off.

So I wore it.

And I did it.

And I don't feel better about myself for it.

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