My poems written from 2015-2016


14. 14

When I was little

You showed me your music box.

The beautiful heart shaped one

With the intricate, golden designs

And the little bird singing in a tree.

And on the inside you wrote "swan lake"

So you'd always know

What the little bird was singing.

And on the inside you kept three wedding rings.

From three marriages

Long since passed.

The first was your mothers first husband: your biological father.

The man who died when you were young.

You said you never knew him, but your mother loved him.

The second was your mothers second husband: your real father.

The man who raised you from childhood.

You said he died of a heart attack, and your mother never wanted to remarry after him.

The third was your own: the ring of the father of your children.

The man who cheated on you with your coworker.

You said you couldn't throw it away because you had loved him once.

I was so fascinated by that music box.

You promised I could have it one day

"When I'm gone, it's yours" you promised.

And now

As I sit here in my home

And listen to the little bird

Whistle swan lake

Over and over

I wish

I did not have it.

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