My poems written from 2015-2016


11. 11

To the first boy who ever cheated on me,

I've only got three things to say to you:

First off,

Fuck you.

You played with my heart like it was some sort of toy

And after you had your fun you broke it

You watched the tears roll down my cheeks

As if they were a phenomenon

you could not hope to understand.

Your apology was empty

Just like the months of my life I gave to you.


I may not have been pretty then. But I sure as hell am now.

You have no clue what you gave up.

I cared for you like the night sky cares for the stars

And if I wasn't sexy enough for you then

I hope you're kicking yourself

After seeing how I've grown up.

Don't worry.

I never thought I would be pretty either.

And lastly,

Thank you.

I know.

Thank you?


Thank you.

Thank you because I thought it was my fault. And I thought i could've done better.

Thank you because i realized that isn't true.

Thank you because the next time a boy broke my heart

I didn't blame myself.

Thank you because I learned that,

To find a boy who loves me

The way I wanna be loved,

I've got to love myself.

I learned that respect

Is not something you get from

Constantly putting yourself down.

Thank you because I now can be sympathetic to my future child

When their heart is broken.

Thank you because now I can tell them

That it'll be okay.

Thank you because now the sting of every heartbreak

Is a little bit less.

So don't worry about me.

I'm doing fine

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