Through The Dark to The Light

3 bff, one educational trip, one month and their lives are changed. how? read to know


2. Meeting New Friends

Nelly’s POV

Today is my first day to my new college. Ahhh I just wanna scream though I m already doing that in my head. New friends, new dorms, wow this all feels so good. I walked in through the large gates of the Osmania University oh I  am a step closer to my dream. I was wandering around and looking at the magnificent building of my new college when *bump* I bumped into someone n dropped all my books. A great start I thought. Thinking full of sarcasm. First day and I am already dropping my stuff n others too. “I am so sorry” I said to the girl I have just bumped into. “oh its totally fine. Relax darling. I know the building is magnificent” the girl replied and I looked at her shocked, how did she know I was thinking about the building? “oh and how did u know that?” I asked “cause I had a same experience just yesterday. I m new here. Just joined yesterday!” she replied “oh! Even I m new here, my first day you see. And just by the way I m Nelly.” I said. “hum… anya here you can call me Ana and if you don’t mind can we be friends and can I  call to Nell?”she asked “oh of course even I am looking out for some new friends and you can call me Nell” I replied n we both giggled.

Anya’s POV

So I was roaming around looking for my stupid cousin Dave when I meet this girl Nelly and trust me I think we can be really good friends. We both are new in here and she thinks just like me. (the building thing) “hey Ana!” and there comes Dave. Me and Nell turned around and saw Dave running towards us. He came and stopped “hey Ana and….” Gesturing Nell to introduce herself “oh hi umm… I m Nelly” I said “yeah mine or maybe our new friend at our new university” I said smilingly looking towards Nell and then Dave. “oh hi I m Dave Ana’s cousin I m in medical” he said to Nell.

Dave’s POV

I had been searching for the university office and when I found one I went running to Ana. When I found her she was with some girl and wow I was like ‘she is beautiful man’ in my head. I got to know that even she was new here just like me n Ana were. “Well then did you get to know where the office is?” Ana asked me snapping me out of Nell’s beauty. “Oh yeah! It’s right over there…” I replied point my hand towards the office block. “Let’s go” I urged. After we all got our time-tables we went to our respective classes until meeting again by the canteen at lunch time.

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