Through The Dark to The Light

3 bff, one educational trip, one month and their lives are changed. how? read to know


1. Introduction

<hi there!

So this is my first one. If i go wrong don't mind it pease but do let me know it through your comments.> 

This story is about three best friends. Anya, Nelly and Dave. Anya and Dave where cousins and knew each other since their childhood as they lived in same city that was Vizag and Nelly belonged to Hyderabad. (both of them are in India) Then Anya and Dave moved to Hyderabad for their higher studies. The three of them went to same Osmania University. Anya was a medical student , dave was studying architecture while nelly was a finance and accounting student who dreamt of becoming a chartered accountant in future. Three of them meet each other here.  

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