Through The Dark to The Light

3 bff, one educational trip, one month and their lives are changed. how? read to know


3. Getting to Know More

Dave’s POV

It’s been lunch since 10 minutes and neither Ana nor Nell is here yet. I was waiting at a table just beside a window which showed a beautiful scene of the city. I was just looking outside and that’s when I saw the two girls seeing me and coming near. “hey guys! Why are you so late” I asked “sorry Dave” said Nell politely “come on Dave your class was on ground floor itself and our classes are on third floor and you know how crowded the staircase is during the lunch time? Anyway let’s order something” and there is my so rude and mocking cousin but still we love each other. I though while smirking a little looking down at the floor. “2 krushers and 1 cappuccino and please some extra sugar” said Nell to the waiter. I and Ana always ordered a krushers as I had quite the same taste with food stuff.

Nelly’s POV

I order the extra sugar because I like coffee I little more sweeter and then drifted upon thinking how I always wanted a brother as I was the only child in my family and all my cousins stayed quite afar to meet everyday. Then suddenly Ana shook me away from my thoughts “hello! Are you back to planet earth miss Nelly?”I signed laughing a bit with Dave joining her and I blushed “aww… look Nell is blushing…” Ana teased me again and I slapped her shoulder funnily “ouch… what was that for” Ana asked still giggling “that was for teasing me” I snapped putting my tongue out to Ana and we all three continued talking about random stuff and got to know each other a lot.

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