Through The Dark to The Light

3 bff, one educational trip, one month and their lives are changed. how? read to know


4. educational trip to Jordan


Ana’s POV

It’s being three months and Dave me and Nell are best friends now. It’s also a fact that we three have become quite famous, at least in our batch because apparently we have being the toppers of our subjects. People quite often call us the topper group hehe… it makes me laugh. “Ana are there back?” Nell asked me shaking me bringing be back to earth “oh! Yeah sorry. Were you saying something?” I said “yeah actually our college is soon going to organize a educational trip to Jordan for top 5 students of our batch and guess what? All three of us are on the list “Nell told super-excited. “Wow! That’s great but no one knows about it yet how do you know?” Dave asked. “Well you see I have being given the duty to maintain the finance for this project and so u know” Nell told proudly. “By the way… who are the other two people?” I asked “It’s tiago from law and sanya from socials” she replied back to my answer “so it’s like Nell from finance me from architecture Ana from medical tiago from law and sanya from socials right? Dave confirmed. “Yeah” Nell replied.

Nell’s POV

“I m super-excited OMG!” I almost yelled “well so are we” Ana and Dave said together. “And wait dude! We are left only with 2 weeks. The authorities will send the applications to our parents for their consent too.” I told. “Hey that reminds me Nell we should go for shopping shouldn’t we?” Ana asked “of course how can we forget that?” I replied and we giggled while Dave told he needs to catch up with his mentor.

Dave’s POV

Wow Jordan huh? It’s a beautiful country, I thought as I saw some pics of the country of my tablet. “Well! Girls I m done with my work think I can join you at your shopping spree you see even I need to shop “I asked the girl walking back to them in the canteen at our usual since day one same table. “we are cool” Ana said “what are we waiting for then ? Let’s go! “Nell jumping from her seat. Awl.. Nell is so beautiful I feel so strange whenever I look, think, hear or do anything about her.

Ana’s POV

Why do I feel like Dave really likes Nell. I thought hard as I saw Dave staring Nell throughout the shopping. I have never seen him look at any girl like that, not even at his previous girlfriends.    

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