Tour with 1D

What's happens when Emma gets to tour with One Direction? Does she fall in love? Get hurt? Try to leave? Receive hate? Read to find out.


2. I won!!

Emma POV

Today is the day!!! One Direction is releasing the winner! They will do it on the radio. I turn on the radio on to the station and listened.

"And it's the time you all have been waiting for..." The person said. "The winner of the One Direction contest is........... Jessica bing! Good job Jessica!"

My heart sank! I decided to lay on my bed for a little but and listen to more songs on the radio.

After a view more songs the guys voice came back, "if you are still listening, I'm so sorry there was a mix up with the name of the One Direction winner" At this I turned the radio up. "The real winner is...... Emma White! Good job Emma!"

NO WAY THATS ME!! I started screaming, as my mom came in all confused. I explained what had happened and she was excited too! After about 5 minutes she went back downstairs and my phone started buzzing saying I had an E-mail. I opened it, and it was from One Directions management!!

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