Tour with 1D

What's happens when Emma gets to tour with One Direction? Does she fall in love? Get hurt? Try to leave? Receive hate? Read to find out.


1. contest

Emma POV

Hi! I'm Emma! After doing my daily Instagram and social media time for the day. I read on twitter that One Direction is hosting a contest! It's for dancers and singers, to come and spend 5 months with them on tour and preform as their opening act!

I have always grown up dancing since I could walk, and started taking classes when I was 5. I also sing, I have been singing since I was 8. And me being such a Directioner I HAD to enter.

I read the rules then went out and took a video of me dancing, and singing at my dance studio in town. They wouldn't release the winner until another month. So now I have to wait. And that was going to suck!

Harry POV

We have watched sooooo many videos. Most of them were singing. They weren't bad, we ha a few that we liked and save. We wanted somebody that could do both. But usually they could sing, but couldn't really keep rhythm, or something like that.

After a few more videos we found one of a girl named Emma dancing and singing in a studio.

"This one sounds like it will be good!" Louis said sounding interested.

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