Poems/ Short Story

Poems about different things that are in everyday life. Enjoy!


1. Lost In Depression's Path



                         Not a day goes by that your joy didn't fill out hearts.

                              Now, We are stars apart. 

                        We wish you were here, Laughing your hysterical laugh.

                              Instead, we are lost in depression's path.



                            We'd do anything to have you back,

                                 We felt like we were being attacked. 

                       Our thoughts of you are overcome by the deepest grief and sadness,

                            Like a frozen wind up against your newly fogged glasses.

                                  We are still lost in depression's path. 



                         We are going through a mixed- emotions labyrinth, 

                               with hidden walkways and passes,

                               that secretly lead to heartbroken smashes.

                           We are lost in Depression's never ending path.



                          And so we still force a smile of our faces,

                                  When your actions and being yourself filled our broken spaces.

                        We hope you are  better than you were here,

                                  laughing the laugh we try to still remember and hear.

                             Here goes the never ending of depression's path.


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