Poems/ Short Story

Poems about different things that are in everyday life. Enjoy!


2. Bullying (A short story)


      She only had a few good friends. She did what every girl who tried to fit in did: act normal and avoid popular people. It didn't matter if they were in her classes, talked to her first, or had to work on a project together, she avoided them. Normally, she was laughed at for wearing her hair a certain way or wearing too loose of clothes. 


       The following day she was turning sixteen. For her party, she invited most of the whole eleventh grade, including people who didn't like her. She wore a tight black dress with four inch pumps. She spent hours on her hair and wore a perfect amount of makeup, but she thought it didn't hide all of her flaws. No matter how gorgeous she looked and how much time she put into everything, she still got made fun of. 


      Days after her party, the popular kids invited her to hang out with them. How could she say no? She left her only friends to be with people who used her smart knowledge for granted. If she wore the wrong color on the wrong day, they made fun of her. If her hair didn't have perfect curls or her makeup wasn't perfect, they would still make fun of her. She was recently going through her parent's divorce and didn't want to care how she looked. She wore sweatpants, a bun, and a big T- shirt to school. They stared her down as she sat across the table from them. they told her she couldn't sit with them anymore. They snickered as she walked to her friends. She greeted them with a smile, but their frowns never changed. Her friends didn't want to be a second choice. they left her standing in the middle of the crowded, student packed, cafeteria. 


      The  next week, her phone blew up with 'you should kill yourself' messages. Day by day she felt weak. No one would talk to her. She felt alone. She began to take two unscripted drug pills each day. Everyday after school, she added a slice to her wrist. More and more she became weak. She'd judge her appearance in the mirror every morning before  school and at night before bed. Soon, there was no more wrist to slit an no more pills to take. she was empty. Invisible. Gone. The happy girl who didn't care what people thought of her, was gone. She searched through mazes for empty pill bottles to find there was no more left. She searched her arms for more spaces to slice. She was falling apart. Her friends became her worst enemies. Her enemies became her killers. Except, she has to finish the murder they already started. She lifted her hand to her chest to feel one last heartbeat as one last sound played in her ears. POP. Her sadness was left in her last breath. Her scars were left with her heart. Her enemies gained more power through their guiltiness. All she had to do was finish the ugly thing they started. 



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