death by insanity

Alyssa is 18 and she loves playing video games, the woods ,knives, carnivals, cheesecake she also has this weird urge but she always fulfills it but this urge to go out at night and see how many people she can kill. Her parents where rich but when they died all the money went to Alyssa. She never moved out of there house but she improved it and no one understands how she could have done so. But her killing is a little gory and scary to most people so when you sleep you better keep one eye open or never sleep again. I do NOT own any of the Creepy pasta's beside Alyssa and I DO own the story line so don't take it.


1. It All Began

      It was new years and Alyssa was having a new years party because her parents had whet out like always. So Alyssa had like 50 people over and people just kept showing up but Alyssa didn't really care if her parents found out cuz she would just get grounded and have to sneak out. Alyssa was hanging out with her BFF Vanessa during the party talking about girl stuff (boys of course).When they heard the TV say that there was a huge car crash and there where no survivors. The news lady said they believed the crashed was cased by a semi-truck the was being chased by the cops and was in the wrong lane. They listed every one in the crash including Alyssa's  parents after that was said the lady stated that the police where going to all the houses to tell the family's of the ones who have been killed what happened. About 30 mins latter the cops showed up on the doorstep of Alyssa's house, They made every one go home besides from Vanessa witch you told the cops that she needed her to stay. After everyone left the police men came in and found the house really clean witch surprised them since she just had a party with so many people. "How is this place so clean after that" one of the cops asked?

    Alyssa and Vanessa looked at each other and laughed. "Well I have 3 maids in this house and 2 butlers so you are rarely going to find this place dirty" Alyssa replied. "And if you couldn't tell from the front of the house Alyssa's family is rich" Vanessa stated. Alyssa could tell the cops weren't happy with the way they both answered there question but she could live with it. The 4 of them walked throw-out the house to the dinning room so they could talk about Alyssa's dead parents. They sat down in the rather big room to have there conversation "So ma'am my name is detective K and this is J" the cop said pointing to his partner. "And we're afraid we have some bad news about your parents" detective J said. " ya I know my parents died in the big car crash and if that's all you had to tell me you may leave me to whatever I may do for the rest of the night" Alyssa said in a very straight forward voice. "But ma'am are you sure your gong to be ok by yourself in this big house" detective K questioned you. "Yes I will be fine plus my friend is staying here with me tonight so there is nothing to worry about" Alyssa said in her big tough voice. Both detectives looked at Vanessa and asked if it was true. "Yes it is true I am staying the night tonight and if Alyssa wants I can stay the  night for the rest of the week" Vanessa stats. Alyssa nodes her head yes.

        "But miss what about your parents are they ok with you staying at Alyssa's house for so long" one of them asked Vanessa? " Oh ya my parents are on there honey moon and they wont be back till the end of the month so I could stay until they get back ill just check on the house time from time to make sure everything's alright" Vanessa said boldly. :Well ok if you girls need help with anything just call the station and ask for us" J said and with that they both left. "So Alyssa want to go up stairs and finish talking"? Vanessa asked? "Ya sure lets go up there" Alyssa said.

    Little did Alyssa and Vanessa know but there where 9 unhuman men watching there every move to she if she was one of them or could become one of them.

Jeff: Why do I have to be here shouldn't we only have one of use here?

Slendy: Child just do what I say and don't argue.

Jeff: But I don't understand why we all have to be here I have better things to do!

Slendy: Its just to find out her skills, likes and dislikes to we may put her with the right training partner, Child.

EJ: Well so far we found out that she is most like Jeff.

Slendy: Child how is that so?

EJ: Well she's uncaring when her parents died and she threw a party without permission.

Jeff: That does not sound like me at all! Jeff yelled in EJ's ear.

Alyssa and Vanessa are in Alyssa's room eating 2 big bowls of candy with many different flavors. "Vanessa when do we go back to school" Alyssa asked? "Well we have to go back in a week but are you sure your ready to go back" Vanessa asked with concern filling her eyes? "Ya I'll be fine" Alyssa said with a poker face on (if you don't know what poker face means it means you show no emotion on your face) After that the 2 girls got in to there pj's Vanessa was wearing black sweat pants with a gray t-shirt and Alyssa was wearing green pants with a matching shirt. 

Toby: First *tic* she starts eating candy*tic* like LJ then she wears *tic* green like Ben who ells *tic* is she like *sarcasm*

Masky: Slendy what if she's like all of us then who will train her?

Slendy:......Well then we will just have to have one of the other Creepy pastas come down and train her.

Hoodie: A-are you t-talking about Z-zaglo?

Slendy: Yes Child I am I may not like it but it may be our best choice.

EJ: What if we all train her but in our own way?

Slendy: What do you mean Child?

EJ: Like Jeff would teach her with a knife then me with a scalpel and so on.

Slendy: That's a good idea I'll keep it in mind Child.

       It's about midnight and the guys are getting ready to leave when all of a sudden Alyssa wakes up and starts getting ready she puts on skin tight leather pants, a black shirt, leather jacket and knee high leather boots to go with it. When she was done getting ready she went up to a spare room and grabbed her weapons that she would need to kill. So she grabbed a belt that let her carry 2 hatchets on the sides of her hips it also held 4 of her pocket knives  witch where right next to the hatchet holders. Then she grabbed 2 rather large kitchen knives and put them in the back of her belt then to finish it off she grabbed a 22 mine gun and 2 bottles of pepper spray. She put the pepper spray in her boots one in each the she put a gun holster around her lag and that's where the gun went. Then she headed out for the night to see how many she could kill before dawn arrived.


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