death by insanity

Alyssa is 18 and she loves playing video games, the woods ,knives, carnivals, cheesecake she also has this weird urge but she always fulfills it but this urge to go out at night and see how many people she can kill. Her parents where rich but when they died all the money went to Alyssa. She never moved out of there house but she improved it and no one understands how she could have done so. But her killing is a little gory and scary to most people so when you sleep you better keep one eye open or never sleep again. I do NOT own any of the Creepy pasta's beside Alyssa and I DO own the story line so don't take it.


2. How She KIlls

      Alyssa walked out of the house and down her drive way she looked around and found the perfect victim. There was a man walking alone on the sidewalk he looked to be about 24 years old he's about 6 foot has long brown hair and is wearing a sweat shirt with light jeans with some rips in them.

LJ: Is she going to kill him hahaha?

Slendy: I don't know Child just watch.

    Alyssa walked over to the man slowly. "Hello sir I need your help can you help me"? Alyssa asked. "Ya what do you need"? After Alyssa was asked that she pulled out one of her knives and drove it throw the middle of the mans heart so she could enjoy the mans death slowly. The man fell back words on to the ground Alyssa got on top of him and took out her hatchet and put her knife aside. She slit the mans throat then she grabbed her knife and cut out the mans heart and stored it in a jar for safe keeping. While she was walking home to put the heart away she started singing Jar of Hearts by Christina Perri. Alyssa got home and when straight to the basement and went threw 3 secret passage ways down 1 flight of stairs and 1 elevator. And then walked in to the room with lots of other things such as organs but when she was walking she saw her training stimulator.

   "Well I haven't been in that for a while have I" Alyssa thought." but I don't have time to play games tonight's the real deal". She walked over to an empty table and set down her heart that took not so long to fetch. She went back up stairs and out of the house.

Masky: So what do ya think boss should we go and get her when she walks into the woods or do you want us to wait.

Slendy: Yes ill have the 3 of you go get her

Slendy said pointing to Toby, Masky ,and hoodie. The 3 men ran off to go get the girl called Alyssa. The boys ran deeper into the woods and looked for where Alyssa may enter. They jumped in the trees and looked from above to get a better view of the ground when they found where she was entering they got there as fast as possible.

   "Ok so if I tell Vanessa that I kill people she will ether call the cops or she'll run away from me and like never come back" Alyssa said talking to herself "So its settled im not going to tell her....ever".

   "Guys I think *tic* that's her should we *tic* get her now" Toby asked? "Y-Yeah we should g-get her now" Hoodie said. "On my count one..two-. "Boys I know your there so why don't you just come down and tell me what you want" Alyssa stated clearly. "How'd you know we where there" the boys asked unison? "Well for one I could hear you talking and two well I herd you jumping tree from tree".

Jeff: What's taking them so long they have been gone for like ever?

Slendy: They have only been gone for 10 minutes calm down Jeff it takes some time.

Jeff: If they don't get back in two seconds im going to go get her m self!

 After that Jeff took off running to go get the girl that they had to get. Ten minutes latter Jeff seen the four of them having a full on battle. "They mad a deal I bet you because the guys are holding back" Jeff thought. After that Jeff ran behind the girl grabbed her around her rid cage and put his knife to her throat so that the boys could knock her out. The boys just looked at Jeff dumbfounded. "Well are you going to knock her out or should I" Jeff asked. "I'll do it". Hoodie walked up to Alyssa and hit her in the head with a rock knocking her out a few seconds later. After Alyssa was knocked out Toby picked her up and the 4 of them started walking towards there comrades.

Slender: What took so long?

Jeff: It took forever to get those 3 to knock her out so I decided to step in and help.

Masky: We could have gotten her if you wouldn't of just decided to jump in!

Jeff: Well its not my fault you guys where failing you job! 

Toby: We might want to go *tic* before she wakes up she's *tic* a hard one to knock out and *tic* I don't think shell fall for *tic* our little trick we pulled *tic* last time.

Slendy: Yes Child I do believe we should get back to the mansion.

Ben: Hey Toby if you want I can carry her for a while if you need so rest.

Ben suggested with a very wide smirk playing across his face.

Toby: I don't think *tic* your the right *tic* man for that *tic* job.

Ben: Are you saying im not good at my job! Im one of the best killers here!

Toby: No what im saying *tic* is your not the right *tic* person to carry a girl.

Silence fell upon them and Ben walked away in to the mansion where all of them live. It was a huge mansion it looked really old but was really beautiful at the same time. Toby walked in to the house and set Alyssa in a chair then tied her to it in case she got any ideas of running away when she woke up.



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