The Sticky Note Project

Amy White has never truly been in love, no thanks to her over protective father. She's the type of girl that studies hard, goes to church every Sunday and still wears her purity ring.
Senior year is the one year she'll never forget, especially when she finds a sticky note on her car window. Who knew a sticky note could start such a beautiful beginning.


1. Prologue 00




      Senior year came so fast, I couldn't believe it. It seemed like I was a Freshman one minute and a Senior the next. And, of course, I haven't even had one kiss from a boy, much less a full conversation. So yes, that makes me a virgin. Most of the grade teased me about it, but I actually respect myself more than to just go do it with some guy that won't even remember my name. I'm not the only one, my friend Isabelle is like me; never kissed or talked to a guy.


      I probably would like to have a boyfriend, but my father is too protective of me, I don't blame him though since guys these days just don't know how to keep their stuff in their pants. Everyone says the longer you wait, the better the first kiss will be, so I guess I'm just going to stick to that quote. Besides why do I need some man in my life just for him to boss me around? No thank you, I think I'll pass.


      My dad came by my door to check that I was getting ready for school. He did it every morning; making sure I was up and had eaten breakfast. Same for at night. He'd make me eat dinner early, shower and brush my teeth, then send me to bet at strictly nine PM. Not any later and not any sooner. He was the person who wanted me to grow up with stick rules so I didn't turn out to be stuck on drugs or something.


     He only knocked on my door this time around. I lazily got off my bed and opened my closet. Jeans and a black hoodie  is basically what my casual outfit consisted of, and maybe light make up when I was feeling really happy. Today I decided to leave the make up alone, just a few coats of lip gloss so my lips didn't chap and hurt all day. 


     I put on matching black combat boots. They were worn out, but still made good comfortable shoes during fall. I did my normal routine; combing my hair and brushing my teeth. I exited my bathroom once I was sure my breath was minty, making my way downstairs to the aroma that filled the whole house. Dad was the one who cooked in the morning because Mom worked during the day. And for the record, his cooking is better than my moms. It's sadly true. 


      "What are you making?" I asked curiously, when I stepped into the kitchen. 


      "Hash browns, bacon, eggs and toast." he listed off the things he was preparing. Thank goodness, he's making my favorite breakfast meal. I smiled at my father, who was too busy with trying to flip a slice of bread over on the skillet.


      Instead of using a toaster like most people, he used a skillet. He preferred everything to be cooked either in an oven, on a stove or on a grill. That's just how my dad is. I sat at the dining room table and waited for my dad to be finished with the breakfast. 


      I checked the time on my phone, I had two hours before school started at eight o'clock. Yes, I wake up early just to spend time with my dad while eating some bacon. The morning came and went, by the time I know it, I'm standing in front of the two metal doors I faced the beginning of freshman year. 


     Time to face Senior year.





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