It's a Long Story...

Hayden is a normal, 16 year old girl who is a reject. Nobody knows that her mother beats her and abuses drugs. But when the police finally catch her, she is sent to live with her twin brother, Michael, who she never knew she had. She starts to fall for her brother's best friend, Calum. But what will happen when she finds out that she has a brain tumor?


4. Truth or Dare

Hayden's POV

So after I learned a little about the guys, i decided to settle in. Michael showed me to my room and it was AWESOME. They already put my bed sheets on and my posters up but i am glad they didn't put my clothes away because that would be AKWARD. After i put my stuff away in my awesome punk rock room, i went downstairs to see Michael playing FIFA, Luke looking at pictures of penguins on google, Ashton ordering a pizza and Calum playing on his phone. "Hey guys, wanna play truth or dare? "Sure" everyone said in unison. Michael started "Hayden, truth or dare?" I chose dare of course. "Play us a song on your guitar." "Fine" i huffed as i ran up to get my guitar. I came back down and started to play 'Raise Your Glass' by Pink.

"So raise your glass if you are wrong, in all the right ways"

I sang and played and it didn't sound that bad.

When i finished, all four of them just stared at me. "I know it was bad" They looked shocked then started clapping like crazy! "That was amazing!" said Michael. "Encore! Encore!" Said Calum "Ok now its my turn to choose, " Luke, Truth or Dare?" "Truth" said Luke. "What was your most awkward moment?" "Well, when i was in second grade, i asked a girl out and tried to kiss her and she screamed 'cooties!' And ran away from me" "Guess who that is today!" Said Ashton "Who?" "My girlfriend." Luke said proudly "Wow she got over cooties fast!" I said and everyone laughed. "Ok Calum truth or dare?" "Dare" Luke, Ashton, and Mikey exchanged looks "Ok you have to take Hayden on a date." Luke said. "WHAT!" Calum and I said simultaneously. "It's a dare you can't turn it down!" Said Michael. We looked at each other awkwardly...

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