It's a Long Story...

Hayden is a normal, 16 year old girl who is a reject. Nobody knows that her mother beats her and abuses drugs. But when the police finally catch her, she is sent to live with her twin brother, Michael, who she never knew she had. She starts to fall for her brother's best friend, Calum. But what will happen when she finds out that she has a brain tumor?


9. The Plan

Hayden's POV

I woke up the next morning with Calum's arms wrapped around me. I have to admit, I felt safe with him. I tried to stand up but Calum held his arms tighter. "Calum we have to get up" i said "Just five more minutes" he pleaded "fine" I said laying back down. A few minutes later i got up and went to take a shower. When i got out I wrapped myself up in a towel and walked to my room. Luckily, Calum was in his room, going back to sleep again. So i went into my room and put on my black jeans and my Green Day shirt. I then dried my hair and curled it. After that I put on some eyeliner and lip gloss. I grabbed my favorite beanie and walked downstairs. "Hey sis" Mikey said. "Wow your up earlier than usual" "Yea that's because Calum told us about Brad" "oh" was all I managed to say. " Don't worry, I got a plan." Said Mikey "Well spill it!" "Ok so when Brad comes over today, I want you to walk him to your room, and once you go in there you tell him that you told me about this. Calum, Luke, Ashton and I will be outside your door and we will come in and see him. Then we beat the SHIT out of him."

Later that day...

I heard a knock at the door, I knew it had to be Brad. I cautiously opened the door and he grabbed my arm and pulled me upstairs, thinking nobody was home. Once we got upstairs, he sat down on my bed. "Brad, just so you know, I told Michael about your scheme, so if you don't stop now, he will come after you." Then, all i remember, is him punching me in the face, and my wig then falling off. I could faintly hear the guys come in and scream at Brad. Someone punched him and he fell to the floor. I felt my body lift off of the ground and carry me downstairs and into the car. We were there for about a minute when the three other guys got into the car. My eyes then fell shut.

Calum's POV

I picked her up and carried her bridal style to the car, Ashton, Luke, and Michael not far behind. I got into the car with Hayden on my lap. Her eyes shut and i panicked. "CAN'T THIS CAR GO ANY FASTER!" I yelled. "We are going as fast as we can!" Mikey yelled. We finally reached the hospital, and i realized that Hayden was a lot lighter than before, and she was really light before. They ran her into the emergency room and i stood there thinking about what happened.

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