It's a Long Story...

Hayden is a normal, 16 year old girl who is a reject. Nobody knows that her mother beats her and abuses drugs. But when the police finally catch her, she is sent to live with her twin brother, Michael, who she never knew she had. She starts to fall for her brother's best friend, Calum. But what will happen when she finds out that she has a brain tumor?


1. The Discovery

"Hayden get down here this instant!" My mother was yelling again. She was probably high again, like always. I walked downstairs and she slapped me, like always. Everything seemed normal about today, except three police officers walked in as soon as she hit me. "Are you Hayden?" One of them asked as the other two put my mother in hand cuffs. "Yea" i didn't question them because of all of my bruises and cuts. "Ok i will take you to your brothers house" "What brother" i then remembered back to the day i was born and another baby being there. I never asked my mother because i knew she would hit me. So i went to my room and grabbed all of my band tees and jeans plus my favorite vans. Then i grabbed my Green Day and Blink 182 posters. Then i grabbed my penny board and guitar and walked downstairs. "Are you ready to go?" One of the cops said "Um i actually have to go to work i can take my stuff with me though" "No we can take your bag. Do you need a ride?" "No i will ride my penny board" "Ok stay safe" "Ok bye" i said as i started down the road to the record shop.

A few hours later...

After work i grabbed my phone and my penny board and rode down to the police station. They told me the address and i rode down still on my penny board. Once i got there, i saw that the house was huge! I rang the doorbell and a boy with brown hair opened the door. "Hello?" He said sounding cautious "Um hi i am Hayden i was told to come here." "OH MY GOD YOUR HAYDEN!!! HI IM CALUM COME IN!!!" I walked in, a little bit scared, but still ok. "MICHAEL, LUKE, ASHTON COME DOWN HAYDEN IS HERE!!" I looked at the stairs and there were three boys running downstairs, one with blonde hair, one with curly hair, and one with blue hair, like mine. "HAYDEN!!!" They all screamed as they hugged me. I didn't know what to do so i just stood there awkwardly waiting for them to let go.

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