It's a Long Story...

Hayden is a normal, 16 year old girl who is a reject. Nobody knows that her mother beats her and abuses drugs. But when the police finally catch her, she is sent to live with her twin brother, Michael, who she never knew she had. She starts to fall for her brother's best friend, Calum. But what will happen when she finds out that she has a brain tumor?


17. Just Cuddle

Calum's POV

When we walked in, a random girl came up and called MY GIRL ugly. I told her off and said to Hayden "i love you too much to let you get bullied" she replied back "i love you too" she said. She took a deep breath and grabbed my hand as we walked in. As soon as we walked in, all eyes turned to us.

Hayden's POV

I was walking into the gymnasium hand and hand with Calum when all eyes landed on us. I squeezed his hand harder. He noticed that i was uncomfortable so he lead me to the side of the room and everyone stopped staring and went back to what they were doing. "Hey, lets go dance!" He said "i don't know" "come on" he begged sticking his bottom lip out. "Fine" "yay!" He exclaimed dragging me out to dance. As we started dancing, i felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned around and saw Brad and Amber, together, not something i was hoping for. "What are you doing here!" Calum said pulling me closer by my waist. "We came to get payback" they said. Then Calum stepped up in front of me. "You aren't going to do anything. So i suggest you back away before i punch you again." He turned around and walked off with amber. Calum turned back to me and realized that i was crying he pulled me close and i cried into his chest. "It's all okay. I promise" "i want to go home" i said "that sounds perfect." He said. He grabbed my hand and walked me out. "Here, jump on" he said bending down "i don't know i am really heavy" "you are like 95 pounds!" He said then he picked me up by the waist "Calum put me down!" I said laughing "no we are almost home!"when we walked in the door, he sat me down on the couch. He sat next to me and said "I don't know why you think you are fat, you are perfect the way you are" "thanks i love you Calum. "I love you too" he pecked my lips and said "maybe you should get changed and we can watch a movie." Okay!" I got up and went to my room and put on my sweatpants and my Nirvana shirt on. I just kept my beanie on and i walked out to the living room. I sat next to Calum as he put on The Little Rascals. "I love this movie!" I said "me too i have seen it so many times." "Me too!" He grabbed my hand and we watched the movie. About half way through, he let go and pulled me onto his lap. "Why'd you do that?" I asked "so i could do this" he said as he started ticking me. "Calum, Calum stop!" I said laughing uncontrollably. I fell back onto the couch and he laid next to me. His arm wrapped around my waist and he pulled me close. He nuzzled his head into my shoulder and said "i love you Hayden" "i love you too Calum" i said right before i fell asleep.

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