It's a Long Story...

Hayden is a normal, 16 year old girl who is a reject. Nobody knows that her mother beats her and abuses drugs. But when the police finally catch her, she is sent to live with her twin brother, Michael, who she never knew she had. She starts to fall for her brother's best friend, Calum. But what will happen when she finds out that she has a brain tumor?


19. Another Day

Hayden's POV

I woke up next to Calum's muscular arms wrapped around me and his thumb rubbing small circles on my stomach. I roll over and see that Calum is awake too. I poked his cheek and said "morning loser" "morning nerd" he said back. I picked up my phone and it was 7:00. "It's so early" i whined "yea i know go back to sleep love" i leaned in and kissed him then turned around and fell back asleep. I felt Calum pick me up and set me in my room then kissed my forehead and laid down next to me. I rested my head on his chest and relaxed as he pulled me in close.

An hour later

Calum woke me up about an hour later and said "Hey get ready i want to take you somewhere" "ok" i got up and he left the room. I put on my light high waisted shorts and a crop top. Then i put on my black and white converse and black beanie. I walked out and Calum grabbed my hand while dragging me to the car. I sat in the passenger seat and he sat in the driver seat. He pulled out quickly and started driving. "Geez CaluM why the rush?" "You will see" he said with a sly smile" we pulled up to the park and got out. "Why are we here?" I asked. He just took my hand and pulled me to a bench. Then all i heard was a group of people yell "SURPRISE!" I was confused. "Its your birthday!" Mikey said "I'm sorry i don't remember my birthday. I haven't celebrated since i was 5" they all looked shocked. "Well lets make this one the best one ever!" Ashton and Luke both screamed. They pushed me into the car and drove off. When we pulled up, i realized that we were at the place that my aunt used to take me out to ice cream after dance. My eyes started tearing up. Calum picked me up and put me on his back like a piggy back ride. They all ran in and we sat down as I was set down on Calum's lap. I heard a bunch of people come in with a cake and were singing. "I don't know if this day could get any better!" I said after they were done singing. "Are you sure?" Calum said with a sly smile he pulled me in and kissed me.

God I am lucky to have him...

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