The Neighbors!;)

Alex,Cali,El,and Kat and they moved to Sydney Austral to get away from their terrible past




(Cali`s POV)

when i went to school calum walked up to me and said he was sorry

me are u fu**ing kidding me ?

calum: don't get pissy with me because i asked you a question and you got all defensive i came here trying too fu**ing apologize for asking and you became a bitch i cant believe i fu**ing liked you

me: what you like me?

him: no i dont i said i LIKED you meaning past tense

ME:you know what fuck you bitch

Alex`s POV

calum what did you do to to cali she wont leave her room and i seen scars from her wrist opened again and she has not eaten in like three days!

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