The Neighbors!;)

Alex,Cali,El,and Kat and they moved to Sydney Austral to get away from their terrible past


5. the party day! finishing

(Alex POV)

me and Luke grabbed a beer went outside talked and looked up at the night sky.

(Kats POV)

me and Michael grabbed a beer and went into the basement which was also the game room and played FIFA.

(Cali POV)

me and Calum grabbed a few beers took shots and partied on the dance floor all night.



Everyone out the cop are here!

(Cali POV )

All the girls fled but me and me and Calum were so drunk we started making out but it didn't mean anything and Alex came back and got me and we went to her house I called Calum

Me : hey

Him: hey

Me:so what's up with a kiss are we a thing now?

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