The Neighbors!;)

Alex,Cali,El,and Kat and they moved to Sydney Austral to get away from their terrible past


3. the fun time

(Alex's POV)

we all went outside to find the guys in the pool and Cali and I sat by the pool and put our feet in the water and right before my eyes cali was in the pool and and Calum was right there laughing and then i got pushed in the pool by Luke.Once everyone was in the pool we decided to play chicken,I was on Luke's shoulders and Cali was on Calum`s and well i won and then i was winning and Calum and ashton pulled me off of Luke's shoulders and put me on the diving board and dared me to do a trick and i said Okay and done a backflip and they were all surprised i could do that and then i told them i was in gymnastics and swimming classes and told them how i learned to do that stuff off a diving board into water.the rest of the night we just relaxed and swam and then...

(Els POV)

i went underwater and felt someone kiss me and i opened my eyes and it was Ashton i was so happy that he kissed me but when we got from the water i asked i asked what does this mean? he then asked me to be his girlfriend and i say yes and then we start making out it the pool.

it was 12:00 am so all the girls stayed at Alex`s and the guys stayed at Ashton`s.

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