The Neighbors!;)

Alex,Cali,El,and Kat and they moved to Sydney Austral to get away from their terrible past


10. the fair

(Calum POV)

we started off riding the extreme and it was me and cali Luke and Alex behind us Michael and Kat behind them and ash and El last.when we got done with that me ash el and cali rode he tunnel of love while Luke got friend zoned by Alex and it was really funny and Kat and Michael went and played in the video game section of the fair when we went into the tunnel of love i wanted to make this special so i gave Cali her first kiss and she was surprisingly really good at kissing.


well i seen cal and cali kissing so i went in for a kiss and she said once we got done that was exactly how she planed her first kiss to be so each girl got there first kiss today and kat got hers when she was twelve and Alex got hers when she was dating a guy at the age of 15 but it was special for el and cali because it was there first kiss and it was in a great place to get there first kiss once the fair ended we all went to my house to hangout and cal,cali,Michael,Kat,and i got totally wasted and the rest of the girls took a few shots but that was it. when we where talking two of the girls didn't feel well Cali started like blowing air out of her ears and then all of a sudden two guys one with dark short hair and a leather jacket the other with a bit longer hair busted through the door and shot cali with a gun and said they will be back with the real cali as soon as they find her and well Kat was well gaging like she was going to throw up and wright there she threw up all over me so then i puked and it was gross.

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