The Neighbors!;)

Alex,Cali,El,and Kat and they moved to Sydney Austral to get away from their terrible past


9. the best day

(Ashton`s POV)

i awoke to my alarm clock going off and i took a quick shower.when i got done i ran downstairs and ate breakfast i walked outside to start walking to school and i seen Alex.hey ash you want a ride to school.sure thanks alex.

when arrived at school

(Alex`s POV)

when i got inside I found everyone and we all had first hour together today which was PE so we all sat by each other and we started talking about what each of our New Years goals are and i said to learn how to ride a skateboard and everyone said that would be fun to learn.


i think I'm ready and im going to do it at lunch.okay it's time here i go,El will you go on a date with me?OMG ashton yes i will go on a date with you.Thank god you said yes i will pick you up friday at seven sharp.

(El`s POV)

i am so happy i cant believe ashton asked me out on our first official date.okay I'm at home and it is time to pick out my outfit so i pick out a red crop top some high wasted shorts with red leggings under them and some red vans and i wait for ashton downstairs.he just showed up so its time for the date he drives kinda far but when we reach our destination its a picnic on the beach and he packed cute little heart shaped food. when we get done eating we lock our hands and walk along the little waves coming in and we have a blast well its kinda late like 4 in the morning so i go knock on Alex`s window she lets me in and i sleep over at her house and borrow her all time low pajamas and go take a shower because I'm filled with sand. i woke up to the smell of bacon i run downstairs to see who is cooking it and Alex has me a plate made with a biscuit,eggs,bacon and a glass of orange juice so when i finish eating i go home to get in my clothes.when i get home my mom ask`s where I've been and i never had lied to my mom so i told her i stayed at alex`s which was not a lie because i had and so i got grounded for being home so late and for rolling my eyes at my mom.

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