The Neighbors!;)

Alex,Cali,El,and Kat and they moved to Sydney Austral to get away from their terrible past


8. make it all better

(Alex`s POV)

you and Calum need to make up and you know that Cali, I kn-, No u let me finish Cali ,Calum likes you he asked about the past all you had to do was say ``he will know when its time and that time isn't now`` and he wouldn't have flipped out you know he has told me nonstop how he likes you and I know you like him back so don't play that crap with me and you are gonna go say sorry to him and you are gonna tell him how you liked him too okay! One you aren't my mother Alex and Two you cant talk to me like that.

Cali I'm older and you know I'm right and you are gonna do this and to make sure you are i called him and he's coming over soon.

when Calum gets there

oh hey cal i was hoping you would get here soon and you and Cali can make things better.Alex im no-. Cal shut up she likes you and you like her and you know that you two would be an adorable couple.

when they make up because its boring to read

okay so whats up with you two are you thing now they nod , yay my two best friends are dating now.

(Calums POV)

im so glad im dating cali now and i think im gonna tell Alex that Lukey likes her.

hey alex can i tell you something about luke?

yeah cal u can tell me anything.

okay well here it goes luke has a crush on you.

alex fainted.

(Alex`s POV)

alex are you okay alex alex? i awoke to hearing my name getting said over and over, what happened i asked to see Luke Calum Michael and ashton fanning me and putting damp washcloths on my fainted Calum said,oh well thats not embarrassing you know to just faint in front of your best friends.well alex we've probably had more embarrassing moments than this.

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