The Neighbors!;)

Alex,Cali,El,and Kat and they moved to Sydney Austral to get away from their terrible past


2. first day!

(Alex`s POV)

we got out of the jeep and walked into the office only to find Kat and El waiting with 4 guys and our schedules and can i say the tall Blondie with the lip piercing was HOTT!

(Cali`s POV)

when i seen the asian looking guy i started to blush right then i knew i had a crush on him!

(Alex`s POV)

well i found out i have the same schedule as Calum and well Cali had the same schedule as Luke but we all had first hour together and it was PE so we all went and changed and our uniforms were kind of short but we all looked cute and when we walked out we went and sat in the corner by the bleachers and talked because the gym teacher said free day to do whatever so then the boys went and played basketball and when they came by us they STUNK and they were all sweatie! Calum thought it would be funny to hug Cali and when he did she was all filled with his sweat.

(Cali`s POV)

when Calum hugged me i punched him because now i stunk like his BO and he said ow and went and kept playing basketball,the rest of the guys sat by us and just got into our conversation and Ashton asked us if we wanted to come hang out at his house and we all said sure.

(Alex`s POV)

when i went to second hour it was social studies and I sat by Calum and lucky us we were allowed to get into pairs for the hour to work on our worksheet and we just copied off of the nerds next to us.

(Cali`s POV)

we had the same class EL and KAT and Michael And Ashton it was ELA.



we all sat down and ate our lunch and talked and just had a laid back awesome time .

Last hour of the day

we all have cooking together and we have to get into groups of 4,Ashton,El,Kat,and Michael.Calum,Cali,Luke,and I are in a group together and we decide to cook an omelet well an egg falls on the ground and cali walks to go get the pepper and slips on it.

(Cali`s POV)

I'm walking to get the pepper and i slip on the egg ,great, and just when i thought i would've been embarrassed Calum caught me and right then i seen him lean in for a kiss,mmhmm i say what are you doing we have to cook.

(Calum`s POV)

when i leaned in to kiss her and she stopped it i just felt like i wanted to go in an empty place and cry.

(Ashton`s POV)

well my group was making waffles and we got the flour and El put the flower on my nose so i threw it back and we started having a flour fight and the teacher sent us to the office and we got an referral and then the last bell rang meaning it was time to go to my house and great enough i lived right next door to Alex and well she has a pool so we all decided to go swimming at her house.

(Alex`s POV)

i went inside with the girls and we got into our swimsuits i put on a baby blue bikini and my hair in a fishtail side braid and took off all of my makeup.

(Cali`s POV)

i put on a bikini one piece and it covered the bruises from my past thank god and put my hair into a messy fishtail side braid and took off my makeup.

(Kats POV)

i had all my makeup off and put on my black bikini and my hair was still in a bun.

(Els POV)

i put on a red bikini and my hair was still in a high ponytail.

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