The Neighbors!;)

Alex,Cali,El,and Kat and they moved to Sydney Austral to get away from their terrible past


6. bad terrible horrible day

(Alex`s POV)

my alarm clock didn't go off this morning because i didn't set it so as soon as i got up i went to take a shower and we only had cold water of course so i go to brush my teeth then my toothbrush falls in the toilet so i grab my extra one i have in my school bag incase i need it. i went to brush my hair and my brush broke good thing i have another i get in my jeep to drive to the store to get breakfast and i am about to runout of gas so i go to the store to get some in my pjs i go in and just great i don't have my credit card so i have to use my lunch money. i go back home and try to find my pants but there all dirty so I'm stuck with a high wasted black leather skirt and my red crop top thats really cute on me and then i go for the shoes my vans are dirty so i have to wear my red and black wedges so i put my red and black beanie on and then I'm off to school


when i get to school the bells about to ring so i run inside and find my friends and they say i look cute the bell rings so i go to gym with the rest of my friends. we all decided we would go to the park for gym we had a class vote so when we got to the park there were blankets on the ground everywhere so we went and sat on one and played on our phones a while then played truth or dare.

(Calums POV)

i had to go first so I asked Cali truth or dare she said truth i asked her what her bad past was she told me she couldn't tell me and at the time Alex was gone so when she told me she couldn't tell me i told her that was stupid that she had to tell me its the rules and she said to bad u can get over it and i said well thats stupid just like her and she stormed off and bumped into Alex ,alex came back and asked what did i do? so i told her what all had happened and she screamed at me saying that i was stupid to ask that and they've been through hell and back and i should have shut my damn mouth when Cali said she couldn't tell me. now i feel like a douche i mean i was but i want to tell her sorry but she probably wouldn't listen to me so i just left her the hell alone.

(Cali`s POV)

when Calum said all that the first thing i thought was what a jerk and then how could i ever like him and now i just want him to leave me the hell alone .

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