Pokemon Generation 3000

Nintendo has been working on a virtual world where people could interact with creatures that they created so long ago, creature’s people have come to know as Pokémon!
They have worked long and hard to accomplish this and finally have been successful. They had sent in Beta testers to make sure that the world was able to hold people in avatar state, A state of mind where people would go into a paralyzed state, only able to move their avatar in the game, so as not to harm themselves in reality.
The release day was set and people around the world paid tons of money to get the game.
Riley Colson was one of those people, she was a Beta tester for the game and fell in love with it the first time she stepped foot into the ‘alternate reality’.
Read on to find out what adventures she goes through and what people she meets in the online game of
Pokémon Generation 3000.


1. Pre-Chapter

Today is the day! The day that Nintendo releases their new game to the public, but me being a beta tester they gave me the game and gear ahead of time, although I still had to pay a good amount of cash. I payed extra for two starting Pokemon and some gear in the game.

Now you're probably wondering what in the blue hell I'm talking about well let me explain. Nintendo has been working on a new game since around the begining of the year 3000, so acouple years before I was born, they had finally made the Beta which I was honored enough to be in, during around 3019. Now it's 3021 and the game is running smoothly. The release date was set in this year!

Like in the original games the their are NPCs , but these ones walk around freely and don't repeat the same phrases over and over, they have their own personalities and their own models. Also unlike in the original games instead of Pokemon attacking you when you walk around in tall grass they walk around freely like NPCs and they also have their own personalities.

The Pokemon in the game act as if they where actually real,so people will feel as if they where walking around in the Anime show, minus Ash and his friends.

The downfall of getting the gear early was the fact that the servers wouldn't be up until the release date, on the up side there was no waiting in the long lines that would probably take up more than half the block.

Well I better get going, The Servers are going to be up really soon!



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