Pokemon Generation 3000

Nintendo has been working on a virtual world where people could interact with creatures that they created so long ago, creature’s people have come to know as Pokémon!
They have worked long and hard to accomplish this and finally have been successful. They had sent in Beta testers to make sure that the world was able to hold people in avatar state, A state of mind where people would go into a paralyzed state, only able to move their avatar in the game, so as not to harm themselves in reality.
The release day was set and people around the world paid tons of money to get the game.
Riley Colson was one of those people, she was a Beta tester for the game and fell in love with it the first time she stepped foot into the ‘alternate reality’.
Read on to find out what adventures she goes through and what people she meets in the online game of
Pokémon Generation 3000.


4. Chapter 3

Chapter 3

After the Scyther had come out from the bushes weak and battered it passed out. Since Scyther was one of my favorite Pokemon and I couldn’t bear to leave the poor thing to suffer I rushed to its side, sitting down.

I gently picked up its medium sized green head and lay it on my lap. I quickly took off my bag and rustled through it. “Max Potion… Where are my Max Potions…?” I muttered. I found them and quickly grabbed one.

I lightly pushed on the spray button and it gently hit the Scyther, healing it. The Scyther groaned and moved slightly. I pulled out a water bottle and opened it.

The Scyther opened its eyes and they pierced mine. It blinked and groaned again. I gently picked the Scythers’ head up and put the water bottle to its mouth. It didn’t open its mouth. “Come on I know you’re thirsty…” I mumbled to it.

It reluctantly opened its mouth and drank the cool water until the bottle was empty.

‘Scy~ Scyther’ It said moving around a bit, It started to stand so I got up quickly. It struggled and almost fell. The Max Potion healed it a good bit but it doesn’t mean that it wasn’t still in pain.

I rushed to its side putting one of its massive blades over my shoulder letting it lean most of its weight on me. I pulled Charmanders Pokeball from my belt and recalled the little guy who was just sitting by and watching the whole thing unfold. Since the Scyther was as tall as me if not a little shorter and was pretty thin, probably malnourished it was easy for me to put my arm around it to help carry it.

“I have to get you to a Pokemon Center” I muttered

It made a noise sounding like it didn’t want to go.

“Please Scyther you’re to hurt to be out here by yourself, just let me help you. Do you trust me?” I asked it.

It look at me and it seemed to have an internal battle with itself, it made a noise that sounded like it was sighing and it nodded its head lightly. I smiled and gently started to make myself and the injured Scyther walk down the path.

Since I had been walking for some time through the forest before I had found the Scyther I was pretty sure that I was close to Pewter City.

We walked with some difficulty through the forest, until we finally reached the edge of the forest. I squinted my eyes trying to let my eyes adjust to the new bright light of the sun. It looked to be about mid-day and my eyes widened.

The time in here is based off of the time in the real world, which means I’ve been in here for about 5 to 6 hours so far.

The Scyther groaned, it seemed that the Max Potion didn’t work all that well. I sighed and continued to walk with the Scyther leaning on me. I tried to go the Pokemon Center as fast as I could trying to use my Knowledge of the older games to guide my way around.

I eventually found it and just in time to because the Scyther looked as if it was about to pass the hell out in my arms. “Nurse Joy!” I called out.

Her head lifted and her bright blue eyes widened.

“What happened?” She shrieked rushing over “Why isn’t your Scyther in its Pokeball!?” 

“It’s not my Scyther, It just collapse and I was trying to help it!” I said back “Please just help it!” I yelled.

“Wigglytuff come help me please!” She called to the big pink Pokemon

‘Wiggly, Wigglytuff’ It responded.

They took the Scyther from my arms and put it on a gurney. It let out a cry of Protest as they started to take it away from me. Nurse Joy turned her head to me as the Scyther started to freak out slightly “I think this Scyther has taking a liking to you and wants you to come” She said.

I only nodded and rushed to the injured Pokemons’ side. It relaxed and kept its eyes fixated on me.

I smiled gently at the Pokemon. We went into a room that had three monitors and a glass window.

Wigglytuff wheeled the Scyther into the room that was on the other side of the glass. When Wiggly tuff left the room a bright yellow light started going over Scyther, looking like it was scanning the Pokemon.

On the screens it showed the Scythers Vitals and a model of its body and its heartbeat.

“This Scyther has been badly injured and it might take a while to get it all healed up and back into the wild” Nurse Joy commented looking at the screens.

I nodded.

“So what exactly happened?” She asked turning in her wheely chair to face me, a hard look on her face which was unusual to see on a Nurse Joy.

“I-I don’t know exactly… He just fell out of the bushes in front of me and my Charmander”

She nodded her face softening.

~1 Hour Later~

While the Scyther was being healed I was out in the front of the Pokemon Center, with my Charmander and Ralts.

When I checked Ralts’s stats I was shocked to say the least, The Pokemon I thought was merely just a baby was level 26 which was unusual, and knew Psyshock, Shadow Ball, Magical Leaf, and Tackle, oh and it was also a male which I was overjoyed to find out.

It was saddening really, to know that the baby Ralts was bound to evolve into a Kirlia fairly soon.

“Riley, Your Scyther has been healed” Nurse Joys’ voice cam over the intercom outside the Pokemon Center. I recalled my two Pokemon and rushed inside, Eager to see the now healthy Pokemon.

I ran into the Center and saw a Scyther standing there glaring at everyone and everything that tried to come near it. Its eyes looked frantic though as it looked like it was searching for something, or rather someone.

I walked up to the Pokemon and its head shot in my direction. It shot itself at me, its large blades for hand going around my thin waist, it’s head on my shoulder, seemingly giving me a hug.

I laughed and hugged the bug Pokemon back.

It let go and looked as if it were trying to smile at me. “Come on Scyther, let’s uh take a walk” it nodded and we walked out of the Center. We walked to the forest edge, the same forest where I had found it. Yes I did want to catch it but, I didn’t know if it wanted to be caught.

“So this is it… Are you ready to go home?” I asked it, looking at it.

It was already looking at me. It shook its head vigorously, one of its big blades pointing at my belt that held my non painted Pokeballs.

I raised an eyebrow at it. “Do you want to come with me?” I asked. It nodded.

‘Scy~ Scyther!’

I grinned and grabbed one of the Pokeballs from my belt. I gently tapped the Scythers’ head and it got sucked into the ball in a bright red light. It shook three times and then dinged.




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