Pokemon Generation 3000

Nintendo has been working on a virtual world where people could interact with creatures that they created so long ago, creature’s people have come to know as Pokémon!
They have worked long and hard to accomplish this and finally have been successful. They had sent in Beta testers to make sure that the world was able to hold people in avatar state, A state of mind where people would go into a paralyzed state, only able to move their avatar in the game, so as not to harm themselves in reality.
The release day was set and people around the world paid tons of money to get the game.
Riley Colson was one of those people, she was a Beta tester for the game and fell in love with it the first time she stepped foot into the ‘alternate reality’.
Read on to find out what adventures she goes through and what people she meets in the online game of
Pokémon Generation 3000.


3. Chapter 2


Chapter 2

I pried my eyes open, only for them to immediately close. I groaned in pain clutching my head. ‘Well this is new’ I thought to myself. My head never had hurt when I went into the Beta, in fact when I went into the Beta I had never felt better.

‘It must have something to do with all of the updates that they added in after the Beta testing was finished’

I opened my eyes once the headache subsided and sat up. I looked down at my palms and moves my fingers. “Okay I can move my fingers, that’s a good sign” I muttered. I carefully stood up, I had to get used to walking around and stuff since it was slightly different then in the real world.

I walked over to the full sized mirror that was sitting in the corner of th- my room. I was wearing pajamas. My wide eyes where shining and a beautiful grey, my black hair messy and my crimson bangs covering one of my eyes.

I looked similar to my real self just more…animated I guess you could say.

“Riley! Are you awake yet?!” A feminine voice yelled from downstairs.

‘That must be my ‘mother’’ I thought “Uh yeah! Just give me a second!” I called back. I rushed to my closet and pulled out the outfit that I had told the NPC I had wanted, I quickly stripped and put on the new outfit.

I pulled on some black fingerless gloves and ran downstairs. I walked into the kitchen and was met with the back of a woman. She turned with a light smile gracing her face, my eyes widened at how much she looked like me, or rather I looked like her.

“Ah Riley, you better eat your breakfast quickly, you don’t want to be late to pick up your first Pokémon do you?” She asked.

I just nodded and rushed into, where I assumed was the dining room, I was right. I sat down in front of a plate that had pancakes and started eating, trying to avoid conversation with ‘my mother’. I didn’t want to slip up and tell her about the real world.

You probably thinking I should already know how to handle this situation but they didn’t have family members in the Beta, you just ‘spawned’ in your room and left to pick up a starter Pokemon.

“So Riley which starter Pokemon did you plan on choosing?” My mom asked.

I froze, I didn’t know what region I was in, and so I don’t which starter Pokemon there where to choose from. “Uhh, I don’t know yet”

“You don’t know yet? Well there’s Charmander the fire type, Squirtle a water type, or Bulbasaur a grass type” She explained.

Yes! I started in the Kanto region! I’ve always loved the Kanto starter Pokemon.

“Well, I’ll decide when I get there..” I said.

“Oh hold on” She said quickly standing up and walking into the other room.

“Okay then…”

She soon walked back in with a small white thing in her arms. A grin quickly spread across my face as I soon realized it was the second starter that I had wanted. She gently placed the sleeping Psychic type Pokemon in my arms.

‘Ralts?’ The Pokemon squeaked.

A Ralts.

I hugged the little Pokemon in my arms.

“Thank you…mom” I slightly hesitated in saying the last words. She only smiled and passed me my black and crimson backpack.

“I packed your bag with the things you’ll need on your journey, I may have even slipped in a few surprises” she winked. I nodded.

“Well you better get going sweetheart, you don’t want to be late!” My mother grinned at me. I nodded and grabbed my bag rushing out the door, after giving my mom a quick and hesitant hug.

I ran down the road, since I had started out in the Hoen region in the Beta I had some difficulty navigating my way through the Kanto region. I passed by a sign and found out, much like Ash, I had started in Pallet Town.

I sighed and relief flooded my face as I reached Professor Oaks Lab. I rushed inside and found no one there. A man walked out, his white hair standing as electricity sparked through it. “Damn you Raichu!” He yelled out the door where he came in.

I shifted nervously. He spotted me and a small smile graced his lips, he walked over and held out a hand. “Hello there, my name is Professor Oak and you are?”

I shifted my arms so I was holding the now asleep Ralts in one hand and I shook his hand in the other. “Riley, and I’m here to pick up a starter Pokemon”

His face lit up “Ah A new trainer how exciting!” He didn’t comment on the little white, green, and pink Pokemon in my hands. He led me to a table where three Pokeballs where, they had three little cards that stood up ‘labeling’ the balls.

The Professor let the three started Pokemon out one by one.

My eyes where already glued to the little fire type Pokemon. The Professor chuckled “It looks like you already found your partner.” He commented.

I smiled and nodded “I choose Charmander” He nodded and handed me it’s Pokeball. I recalled the little one to its Pokeball and the Professor recalled the other two.

“Here are your Pokeballs and Pokedex, you can only carry six Pokemon in your party, and you can call me at any time if you would like to switch out any of your Pokemon.”

I nodded in response “uh is it possible to get Pokeballs that don’t have paint already on them? Oh and a black and red Kalos Region Pokedex” I asked. He looked slightly shocked at my question but nodded slowly none the less.

I stuck Charmanders’ Pokeball out to him and he took it going into the back. He soon came back with my request, the dull silver Pokeballs in his hand made me smile. I took them with one hand and put them on my belt, Charmanders in the front.

I took the custom Pokedex and stuck it in a pouch on my belt. I took one of the Pokeballs and tapped the still sleeping Ralts with it. It shook three times and then dinged. I put the Pokeball for Ralts right behind Charmanders.

I thanked the Professor and left the Lab. I bumped into someone that was running, knocking me to the floor. “Ouch” I muttered.

“I’m so sorry!” A voice said from above me, it was male. I looked up and saw a rather attractive, well… based off of his avatar at least, boy. He held out a hand and I took it. He heaved me up.

“It’s fine.” I muttered.

“Am I too late to get a Pokemon?” He asked urgently. He must think I’m an NPC.

“Uh no..? I just got mine” His eyes widened

“Oh you’re an actual person!” I nodded slowly in response.

“I have to go now… you know Pokemon to catch Regions to see” I said backing away slowly.

He nodded but then called out “Wait! What Pokemon did you choose?” He asked hope glimmered in his eyes.

“Charmander” He visibly saddened.

“Oh Good choice” He mumbled walking into the lab. I guess he wanted a Charmander as well.

I started walking down the dirt road into the forest, I never cared really for bug Pokemon but there were a few exceptions, like Scyther, or Beedrill.

I normally go for all types of Pokemon in the games, but the Pokemon that I don’t normally go for are Bug type.

I stopped walking and reached for Charmanders Pokeball, I tossed it into the air and Charmander appeared in a bright white and blue light.

‘Char~ Charmander’ it squeaked as it eyed me carefully.

I bent down so I was faced to face with the little one. “Hi there Charmander, my name is Riley and I’m your new trainer” I said.

It tilted its head and looked me over, nodding slowly. I smiled and brought out my Pokedex pointing at the small orange-red Pokemon.

It gave me Charmanders info.

“Let’s see you’re level 7, you know Ember, Tackle, and Growl… Pretty normal for a starter Pokemon maybe a little over leveled but over all normal… You’re also a male…” I talked to the little Charmander who only eyed my Pokedex with interest.

“So Charmander are you ready to start traveling?” I asked him.

‘Char Charmander!’ He responded

“I’ll take that as a yes” I grinned and let him roam free as we walked down the path.

I looked around, partially hoping to catch sight of a Scyther. I love his evolved form Scizor, in the older games that I played I caught a Scyther and got a Metal coat to make it evolve into Scizor, once I raised its levels of course.

Charmander loyally walked beside me, looking around probably amazed by the forest.

I heard some bushes rustle and I glance over in that direction, feeling a little bit paranoid. I knew what forest this was. This was the forest where Ash in the anime got attacked by all of those Spearow. It may not be a real world but you can still feel pain so if I where to get attacked by a wild and feral Pokemon it would hurt like hell.

The rustling got louder until finally I came to a halt, Charmander stopping with me.

‘Char?’ It said confused.

A light green body fell from the bushes, its wings looked battered and worn, its body covered in cuts. It looked up at us slightly wincing as it raised its head.

‘Scy’ it said weakly.

Well I found myself a Scyther… just not exactly how I wanted to find it…

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