Pokemon Generation 3000

Nintendo has been working on a virtual world where people could interact with creatures that they created so long ago, creature’s people have come to know as Pokémon!
They have worked long and hard to accomplish this and finally have been successful. They had sent in Beta testers to make sure that the world was able to hold people in avatar state, A state of mind where people would go into a paralyzed state, only able to move their avatar in the game, so as not to harm themselves in reality.
The release day was set and people around the world paid tons of money to get the game.
Riley Colson was one of those people, she was a Beta tester for the game and fell in love with it the first time she stepped foot into the ‘alternate reality’.
Read on to find out what adventures she goes through and what people she meets in the online game of
Pokémon Generation 3000.


2. Chapter 1

Chapter One Registration~

I smiled cheerfully, moving my red bangs from my face as stood from my computer desk. I was checking the internet to make sure that the Pokémon servers were up for the newest game, and they were.

 I quickly grabbed my game and walked out of my room. I walked into my living room and grabbed the helmet taking it off of the charger. Once a helmet was fully charged it could last over a week and mine was fully charged.

I walked back into my room and placed the helmet on my bed, opening my game case I put in the little slot on the side of the helmet. I picked it up and gently flicked the on switch on and layed on my bed, I put on the helmet with a small smile on my face.

“Welcome to Pokémon Generation 3000 Online, Please type in your Username and Password”

I jumped slightly at the voice. They just added a new feature before they released the game, the NPC that introduces you to the game.

I lifted my hands, or I should say my avatars hands, and a keyboard appeared in front of me. I typed in my Username and Password that I made when I testing the game.

“User Identified. Riley, Female. Riley please create your avatar”

I guess I didn’t get to keep my Beta Avatar...

A Screen appeared in front of me with a randomized character. A bunch of options popped up next to the character which had selections from hairstyle to clothing.

I quickly selected my hair color, black with red bangs, I chose my skin color, eye color and a bunch of other features.

I moved on to clothing. I chose black jean shorts with black torn leggings, I chose a dark red shirt that hugged my avatars curves the sleeves fell loosely on her shoulders but the shirt was held up with two straps that went over her shoulders. For shoes I chose some high tops that went passed that barely went past the avatars ankles, they were also black and red with the white soles on the bottom.

I chose a black belt to hold all of my Pokeballs that would hold the Pokémon in my party. I also chose a crimson backpack to hold all of my stuff such as extra Pokeballs, Clothes, Potions, etc.

I clicked the finished button and the NPC started to talk again.

“Are you sure this is what you look like?”

I clicked yes.


“Alright, when you enter the game you will appear in your room, your NPC mother will be inserted with memories of you together and act as if she was real mother, do not tell any NPC of the real world, it will only confuse them and cause them to faint and re-boot. When you enter pack your things and head to the Professors Lab, the Professors all depend on what region you start in. You can travel through all of the regions there are no limits. Have fun”

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