Strangers ?

Cat moves from Scotland to Sydney after her father got remarried, cat bumps into school bad boy LUKE hemmings thinking he's sweet and innocent. what will happens when she goes to school and sees the real LUKE will she fall for him or let him go ?


13. the girl

After we ate breakfast and talked about our life I went upstairs and got changed into shorts ,nirvana tank top and a black cardian and put on some lip balm , brown cream eyeshadow,black eyeliner and mascara.i walked down stairs and slipped on some black boots me and all the boys went into Ashton's van and drove to school

Once we arrived at school me and the boys walked to class together but Luke was holding my hand everyone looked at me like I was an animal but I just ignored them.I looked down at me and Luke's hand I smiled Luke must of saw me because he looked at me and smiled then kissed my hand.God I love this boy so much he dosent even know . The other boys walked down to maths class but me and Luke had English .I needed to pee so I told Luke I was going to the toilet .

Luke's pov

I was waiting for Cat to come back but I heard the voice I hated the most "LUKEY PUKEY" a girl yelled she got closer and I relized it was Aleshia u rolled my eyes ."UGH LUKEY COME ON I KNOW U WANT ME " she giggled "first of all DONT EVEN CALL Me LUKEY and no I hate u Aleshia just take the truth " I replied with anger in my voice "ur playing hard to get I see well how about this " she said as she slammed her lips to mine trying to kiss back I was lost in my on mind I pushed her off to se some one .

Cats pov

Once I walked out of the toilet I saw the girl at the pizza place kissing Luke I couldn't believe my eyes how could he do that to me after everything I went through he knows I'm in a lot of pain .when Luke sees me his eyes go wide " and I thought u really liked me " I said disappointed as a tear fell from my eye I ran away hearing Luke shouting my name I ran home to the bathroom slamming the door I looked threw my make up and I found it my blade "long time no see " I said to my blade I sad down on the ground my back kneeling on the bath I started to cut deeper and deeper until I heard a voice shout my name I couldn't catch who it was because my eye sight was getting blurry then everything turned black

(Flash back )

Come on jack I shouted "ok ok babe " jack kicked the ball towards me and I stopped it with my foot we started playing football ( for Americans I think it's soccer ) until the ball hit jacks head he fell I ran up to him "OH My GoD BABe IM SO SORRY " jack just laughs "it's okay just keep the ball a bit lower next time ha I knew it was to good to be true love sucks (flash back over )

(2 flash back )

I'm in a closet jack locked me in for hanging out with my best friend who's a boy called Alex . Jack just got over protective and started abusing me and using me as a sex slave "LET ME OUT JACK HeS JUs A FRIEND " the door slams open with an angry jack at the door he comes up to me and slappes me " HOW DARE U THE ONLY BOY U HANG OUT WITH IS ME " he screams "WELL I just wanted a change I say upset "WELL HOwS THIs FoR A CHaNGe " jack graps my boob and squeezes it hard an then harder even more harder I started to scream in pain until he stopped and that day I ran away (flash back over )

(Last flash back )

LUKE I chuckle get back here I rembered this is when Luke grabbed my bra and ran away with it "GeT BaCK HERe" I shouted "NeVER ITS MINE " he smirked I jumped on top of Luke and we kissed . I just smiled then saw Luke kissing the blonde girl and got upset (flash backs over )

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