Strangers ?

Cat moves from Scotland to Sydney after her father got remarried, cat bumps into school bad boy LUKE hemmings thinking he's sweet and innocent. what will happens when she goes to school and sees the real LUKE will she fall for him or let him go ?


6. the date

Cats PoV :

After luke asked me to go out for pizza I got so nervous but felt guilty I was going out with a bad boy.when I got home I straightend my hair with lose curls at the bottom.i put on some powder foundation,red lipstick,mascara and winged my eyeliner .i opened my closet and wore a blink 182 shirt with a black skater skirt I topped of my look with a leather jacket,I must admit I looked pretty hot .

I tip toed down stairs hoping my dad or step mom won't see me but just my luck my step moms daughter came out of the kitchen. She asked me were I was going I told her I was going for pizza with a male friend she nodded and let me walk out the door I slipped on my black vans and waited for LUKE to come pick me up.

After an hour of waiting LUKE FINALLY SHOWS up i was so angry at him.Hey Luke smilled "WHERE THE FUCK WHERE YOU" I snapped "calm look in sorry my mum was getting angry at me because I broke her favourite necklace.i rolled my eyes and sat in his car.

Lukes PoV :

I looked over to see cat looking so beautiful I mean she always was when I first saw her but she didn't look like her usual self she had a leather jacket on and her make up was very dark . But I liked it I think she noticed me staring at her because she told me to watch the road.

Cats PoV

Me and Luke arrived at the pizza place we ordered a sausage pizza and 2 drinks a blonde girl with blue eyes dropped our food and drinks and ran over to Luke "LUKEY PUKEY" she screched the girl looked at me and rolled her she then grabbed a cup of water and pored it all over me she then said "oops in a innocent way Luke got up and shouted at her "WHAT WAS THaT FOR" she rolled her eyes Luke then pecked me on the lips I looked at the girl,she had jealousy all over her face I smiled .Luke then dragged me to his car we started to make out he begged for entrance and I gladly let him in when thing got heated we where stopped by a man shouting "CATHRINE RObERT MARY HERE NOw" me and Luke separated I saw my dad with my stepmoms daughter Lilly that bitch told my dad where I was . I walked over to my dad he slapped me in the face so hard that I fell down

"WHY DID U DO THAT" I screamed in pain "BECAUSE U WHERe MAKING OuT WITH A GUY WITH TaTOOS AND PEIrCINGS" I was so mad "WELL DAD U MAKE OUT WITH A SLUT EVERY DAY" I just relized what I said I was gonna be in hell . My dad pushed me in the car Lilly couldn't stop laughing I slapped her leg she looked at me and started to laugh again .

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