Strangers ?

Cat moves from Scotland to Sydney after her father got remarried, cat bumps into school bad boy LUKE hemmings thinking he's sweet and innocent. what will happens when she goes to school and sees the real LUKE will she fall for him or let him go ?


19. shopping

Cats pov :

Chloe showed up to my door and honked I ran outside in my shorts nirvana crop top and flannel tied around my waist with my hair in a grey beanie once we get to the mall I run into a dress shop knowing that me Chloe and I have a special surprise for Ashton were all going on a triple date but in going to hook up Ashton with my friend Amy . I told Chloe about it and she agreed we walked in the store and after a couple hours of searching I found my dress it was a long purple dress with a cut showing one of my legs I pared it with silver heels and a silver necklace on the other hand Chloe had a red cocktail dress it was beautiful with a cut in the back showing her back she pared it with red heels gold necklace she looked stunning .

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