Strangers ?

Cat moves from Scotland to Sydney after her father got remarried, cat bumps into school bad boy LUKE hemmings thinking he's sweet and innocent. what will happens when she goes to school and sees the real LUKE will she fall for him or let him go ?


4. school

It was Monday I looked at my phone to see the time 7:00 god I better get changed and do my make up cuz it's the day I dread the most first day of school

I walked to my bathroom and put on some concealer under my eyes and on some spots but I only had 1 I put on a berry coloured lipstick mascara and non winged eyeliner, I decided to wear a black and white pocA dotted strapless skater dress with black converse a couple of ring and a gold necklace .

It was already 8:00 I groaned as I ran downstairs grabbed a pop tart and ran to school.I didn't finish my pop tart so it was still in my hand I was getting a lot of strange looks I just ingnored them and walked to my locker until I saw a tall blonde punching a small kid I ran up to the blonde boy and stopped him and shouted "LEAVE HER ALONE " I demanded I looked up in shock to see Luke "wha.t is all I could say I was just shocked "


I was punching this smart girl in my maths class until a familiar voice shouted "LEAVE HER ALONe" she then stoped right in front of me I was in wide eyes to see cat "uh hi cat" I said she looked at me I'm discust "wHAT THE HELL " shouted Chloe I told her to shut the fuck up cat looked at me and said " I really thought u where a nice guy " she said and then she shouted at me and said GO NOw I was really upset I just fucked it up.

Cats PoV

Thank u the girl said she looked about my age she had red hair green eyes and she was wearing a skirt a long sleeve shirt and nerd glasses her hair was in a braid she look like a classic geek no problem I said and continued " CATHRINE but call me cat " she smiled " Chloe " she replyed "friends " Chloe asked " best friends I said she chuckled and nodded " Chloe but seriously where going shopping after and ur getting a make over Chloe groaned and agreed

Skip to the end of school

School was ok but it was boring as hell LUKE got detention and then I relized he was the school bad boy all the sluts in the school like him other just are scared of him but me I like him in not a slutt

Me and Chloe walked to the mall I picked her out some cloth but gave her denim high wasted shorts and a black crop top with white converse and a necklace cloe smiled and wore the cloths I bought her I must admit she had a great figure. Next we got her clear contacts so she can see cloe had flawless skin and beautiful hair " for the finally I said " she lAughed whilst I took her long wavy red hair down " ok let's CHANGE U BACK ur too sexy " I said she chuckled and looked in the mirror Chloe's eyes went wide and she wouldn't stop thanking me

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