Strangers ?

Cat moves from Scotland to Sydney after her father got remarried, cat bumps into school bad boy LUKE hemmings thinking he's sweet and innocent. what will happens when she goes to school and sees the real LUKE will she fall for him or let him go ?


20. morning drama

I woke up to the sound of Luke heavily snoring I turn around and smile at him I take of all my clothes but before I grab my clothes I was gonna change in to Luke grabs me by the waist and pushed me so he's on top of me "hey baby " Luke says I look down and see its stiff my eyes widen "LUKE are you HORNY?!" Luke just winked and started kissing my neck "l..uke I moan stop Luke keeps going I smack his back really hard but he won't stop Luke took of my shirt.I pulled him off of me and shouted at him "LUKE I TOLD U TO STOP " Luke stood up and grabbed my hand "babe I'm sorry just please " I start to walk away but Luke grabs my leg and shouts "COCO PWEASE IM SOWWY " he shouts in a baby voice I laugh and turn around I bring him up so his lips are near mine and we kiss so can we Luke begs "LUKe NO " I shout "I'm just not ready" your a virgin aren't you "yes " I reply Lukes eyes widen "HOW CAN A GOD DaNM SEXY GIRL LIKE U BE A VIRGIN"Luke shouts I'm gonna go down stairs and eat breakfast .

When I was eating breakfast I did relize I want Luke to take my virginty but I'm just not ready now .Luke comes down in just his boxers God danmit why does he do this to me .Luke walks over to me and kisses my head "so i was thinking we can go on a date tonight U know with Michael and Chloe " I spit my milk out laughing "sorry Luke but we're already going on a triple date tonight U just read my mind " Luke chuckles "so I'm gonna go back up and get ready "I tell him he nods .

Hi guys so when I'm done with this movella I'm thinking of making another one U know like more sexual for more mature people like sex slave and all that tell me what u think

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