Strangers ?

Cat moves from Scotland to Sydney after her father got remarried, cat bumps into school bad boy LUKE hemmings thinking he's sweet and innocent. what will happens when she goes to school and sees the real LUKE will she fall for him or let him go ?


14. I was In a coma ?

Cats pov

I couldn't take it anymore all my life I have been hurt I can't do it .I heard a voice " plz babe forgive me it was her she kissed me ... Oh god what am I saying I fuck everything up even the most perfect thing in my life just PLZ plz hold on and wake up plz " the boy cried and then I knew it was Luke why would he come here he did say she kissed him but I don't get it .Then I heard the words I wanted to hear "plz plz plz I .. Love you " he burst into tears I forst my self to open my eyes but couldn't "if u can't be here I will be waiting for u in a far away place good bye cat u deserve better " he kisses my head and I hear him shut the door .

OH GOD No LUKE he's going to kill him self my eyes opens I quickly put on my cloths and asked the nurse if I could go she let me go after I told her about Luke .i looked around me an saw stairs leading to the underground train station I ran down to see Luke kneeling near the tracks a train comes ..... "NO LUKe PLZ" I shout

Luke's pov

I knew she was gonna die so I wanted to be with her to tell her everything or just to leave her she deserves better I'm just a prick a train came I was about to jump until some one grabbed my arm and pulled me back and hugged me tightly it was cat "PLEASE NEVER do than again" she cried I hugged her back tightly "Cat...?" I couldn't believe my eyes I hugged her back "but don't you hate me " "NO I heard you Luke I know it was met ur fault " she replied "but...." She slammed her lips to mine and I gladly kissed her back I felt her smile

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