Strangers ?

Cat moves from Scotland to Sydney after her father got remarried, cat bumps into school bad boy LUKE hemmings thinking he's sweet and innocent. what will happens when she goes to school and sees the real LUKE will she fall for him or let him go ?


17. dad?

Today is the day my family is coming over for dinner so I quickly jump out of the bed and grab ripped denim shorts and a black flowery crop top Created in the Polyvore iPhone app.

I went to my bath room and put on mascara brown eyeshadow black eyeliner and a dark red lip .i also curled the tips of my hair I went down stairs and saw Luke cooking Mexican food I went up to him and put my arms around his neck he turned around and kissed my head "don't u look beautiful " he said I started to blush "looks like someone put on a lot of red blush today"he giggled I hid my head in my hands until the door bell rung .I went to open the door my dad walked in I gave him a hug then my step mom I gave her a hug and kissed her on the cheek I was about to close the door until this annoying voice said '' U not gonna let me in then '' I saw it was Lilly ugh I hate her she just smiled and walked in .

Yum my step mom said tacos are my fav she ended we all sat at the table and Luke brought us the tacos he made Luke sat down next to me and we all starting eating.After we all finished our tacos my dad smiles and said '' what lovely tacos Luke '' and I do see u love my daughter just please I beg u don't hurt her like jack done .luke looked at me confused and then he smiled '' I would never hurt your daughter she means the world to me '' Luke says kissing my cheek 'Bu...UT DAD MOM HES NOT RIGHT '' Lilly scream and runs out the door '' God I hate her '' I shout I know hunny but she's ur sister my dad says '' I KNoW BUT SHE ALWAYS WANTS BAD STUFF TO HAPPEN TO ME SHES EVEN KISSED MY BFF MICHAEL ANd U KNOW CATS DATING HIM '' I scream my dad just says '' look hunny I know she's a pain but we're gonna have to go rember any time u wanna come visit or stay home UR welcome any time my dad says I smile and we all say our good byes

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