Starting a new life

Hey, my names Ariana and I can't believe my mother!! She is making move to Sydney, Australia... What could possibly be there that we don't have here in Los Angeles, California. We'll I guess we will just have to find out together won't we.


15. The Deets!

*Mikey's P.O.V.* (cuz why not)

We were all having a nice conversation with out Luke and Ariana to make it awkward (By nice conversation I mean we allwere making out not all of us together but you know Me and Lexy Ash and Vivi and Cal with Lel's) Then all of a sudden everyone stops kissing, which made me sad because I still wanted to kiss my girlfriend, I looked to see why and my jaw dropped. IT WAS LUKE AND ARI WITH THEIR FINGERS INTERTWINED! They looked happy but we were all suprised.

"Hey guys whats going on here?" I said in amazement

"Me and Ariana are a thing as of now!" Luke said with the cheesest smile ever

Lela ran over to her and pulled her aside along with Vivian and Lexy.

*Vivian's P.O.V*

Me and the other girls were extremely suprised that Ari is dating Luke! She doesn't know everything about him and I do. I know that sounds creepy but when one of my best friend like a boy I do my research... That means I know all about Cal and Ash, I even know some things about Mikey. I wrote it all down on a peice of paper that looked something like this:

Test subject: Luke Hemmings

Age: 19      

Eye color: Blue

Virgin?: NO!

Ever loved?: Uncertain

Is he a dick?: Sometimes
Good for my BFF: Got to see in action

Attitude: Tempered but Sweet

TOTAL SCORE: 40 out of 50

He passed the test on paper but I wanna see it in action, and by it I mean him being good to her,.


A/N: I'm so sorry for the short chapters recently I have just been busy but also trying to update for you guys! Thank you so much for 156 views, 17 favorites, and 13 likes it means the world!

XoXo -Kaelah


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