Starting a new life

Hey, my names Ariana and I can't believe my mother!! She is making move to Sydney, Australia... What could possibly be there that we don't have here in Los Angeles, California. We'll I guess we will just have to find out together won't we.


12. Drama!!!!

~~*Calums P.O.V.*

*Skip to passing period*

Me and Ariana were talking in the hallway when all of a sudden this bitch bumps into me making me fall on top of her, and of course Lela had to be standing right there when that happened. So my life is just great. As I stood up off top of Ariana I yelled,

"Lel's it's not what it looks like"

"Then what is it Cal, what"

"This bitch pushed me and we fell I would never do that to you"

"Let me think this through a little Cal

*Lukes P.O.V.*

What the living fuck was Calum doing on top of Ariana! He knows I like her no let me repeat that he knows I am in FUCKING LOVE WITH HER! and he does this, maybe it was a misunderstanding. I don't know what to think anymore after what Calum did to that girl Bethany. Long story short Calum may have made out with Bethany's sister behind the boys locker room. But if he hurts her Ariana will hurt him meaning she won't talk to him anymore whick means avoiding him which leads to avoidingg us at lunch!

"Hey Luke! A little help" I heard a faint voice as I turned I saw Ari

"Yea sure, so what is going on with you and Cal"

"Really Luke! You actually think I would do that to my best friend..."

"I was just asking."

"No you were implying luke, SIMPLY STATING!"

"Why are you yelling?"

"Because I actually thought you were different Luke, but your just the same as all the other guys!"

"Why do you care if I am different or not?"


She walked away and then I felt bad for all I had caused her. I don't deserve someone as magnificent as her anyway.

A/N: I might not post for a few days, my uncle just died so I will be attending the funeral and grieving most of my time.

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