Starting a new life

Hey, my names Ariana and I can't believe my mother!! She is making move to Sydney, Australia... What could possibly be there that we don't have here in Los Angeles, California. We'll I guess we will just have to find out together won't we.


7. Chapter 7: Matchmaker!

 *Calum's P.O.V.*

I can't believe Ash he is so Ugghhh I wanna punch him but since he is one of my best mates I won't... But now I have to ask out Lela and if I don't Kaelah will kill me. So I guess I am asking out the girl I have liked since 3rd grade, well maybe we should play first.

"Hey guys before I do something can we play a song?" I said trying to avoid the situation

"Okay what song?" Michael asked

He was right we had nothing prepared. All we know is stuff from Blink-182 and Nirvana and some other bands that the girls probably don't know. Suddenly Lela said 

"How about I Miss You, you know by Blink-182"

We all agreed and started playing. I can't believe Lela listens to Blink-182! We finished playing the song when I saw Luke staring at Kaelah with those eyes that he usually only makes at pizza. When Kaelah came up to me and nudged me towards Lela and whispered

"Cal hurry up we have to leave soon we can't wait forever!"

"Fine, Fine I will ask her but not with you guys watching I will ask her outside.

"Hey Lela can I talk to you outside" I said looking nervous

"Um........Yea sure....." she was blushing I could tell

Before we walked outside Kaelah walked over and gave her a hug. I don't know why? Girls are weird... We walked outside.

*Luke's P.O.V.*

I can't believe that Kaelah helped Cal work up the courage to ask out Lela. She is so perfect. Well no matter how perfect she is I can't fall for her! She is my neighbor and it would not be okay because this is her 3rd day here and I just met her!

"Kaelah did you like the song?" Ashton asked

"Yea it was great you guys are so good at playing!" Kaelah said smirking

*Lela's P.O.V.*

Why is Calum acting so weird? Was Kaelah right did Calum actually like me? I really hope she was because now we were all alone!

"Hey Lela can I ask you something?"

"Yea sure anything Calum!"

"Will you......Like to um.....go out with me sometime?"

I was absolutely speech less I felt my self blush as I tried to hide it.

"I shouldn't have asked you maybe we should go back inside."

I had to hurry before I lost my chance, so I grabbed Calums arm and made him come back over to where I was.

"Cal... I will most definitely would like to go out with you" I said pulling him into a hug and not far after he returned it.

A/N: Another update sorry this one is kind of short and a little bit more about Cal and Lel's but in the next chapter don't worry leave me some suggestions for what I should do in my business Kik at Unknown727 <3

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