Starting a new life

Hey, my names Ariana and I can't believe my mother!! She is making move to Sydney, Australia... What could possibly be there that we don't have here in Los Angeles, California. We'll I guess we will just have to find out together won't we.


5. Chapter 5: Sleep over!!!!

*Lela's P.O.V.*

I can't believe Kaelah was friends with the cutest boys in school I mean like Luke is so hot but I have had a massive crush on Calum since like the third grade. Should I tell Kaelah she is like my best friend... actually my only friend, but she doesn't know that.

"Hey, um Kaelah can I tell you something personal?" I asked hoping she would agree

"Yea sure Lel's anything we are best friends now!"

So we are best friends good now I don't feel like such a loner on the whole best friend thing!

"It's kind of a boy thing"

"Shoot!" she said really curious

"I.. Kind of ummmm......Have a crush on Calum."

"How long have you liked him?" 

"Since the.... third grade"

I saw her jaw drop as she came over and hugged me tightly and said,

"Everything is going to be alright, maybe he likes you too!" she said very supportively

i can't believe I have such an amazing best friend...maybe we should get some rest though so that we do not look so exhausted in front of Calum.

"Hey Kaelah I am kind of tired can we get some sleep?"

"Yea Okay, Lemme go get you some Pj's and go brush my teeth" when she said this she sounded quite tired

*Skip to morning*

*Kaelah's P.O.V.*

I can't believe I just moved here and I already have a friend sleeping over on the second day I have been here. CORRECTION: I already have a Best friend sleeping over!! But we are going to see the band today which i hope is not completely awkward with Lela having a crush on Calum. Lela is still asleep but I needed to wake her up. I went really close to her and yelled


"Five more minutes" she said not wanting to get up

"Calum will be there" I said knowing she would get up

When I told her Calum would be there her face lit up like a Christmas tree and suddenly she took over my closet trying to find the perfect outfit for me and her. I ran off and did my make-up and hair while Lela found us some clothes. Then I got a text from Luke...I totally forgot I gave him my number. The text read

Luke: Are you ladies still coming to see the band? Luke x

Kaelah: Of Course wouldn't miss it! -Kaelah x

Well I officially am ready except for my outfit. I walked in my room and Lela handed me the cutest out fit that I don't even know how to describe it! I did Lela's hair and make up and we both looked amazing! We were wearing casual simple teenage clothing with light make-up.

"Hey Kae, I am scared...

"Don't be Lel's everything will work out perfectly but between you and me I think he has a crush on you."

"How do you know" Lela said curiously

"Yesterday when I asked if I could bring you he jumped up and said 'Yea sure, Please do' Like really excitedly"

Lela blushed and I gave her a hug knowing how much Calum meant to her... It's no crush she is like legit in love with him....

A/N: Sorry about the cliff hanger but Hey maybe I will update later ;) Let me know if you want shorter of longer chapters!!

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