Starting a new life

Hey, my names Ariana and I can't believe my mother!! She is making move to Sydney, Australia... What could possibly be there that we don't have here in Los Angeles, California. We'll I guess we will just have to find out together won't we.


4. Chapter 4: TOO MANY BOYS!

I was waking with Luke to our first period and when we reached there I sat in the front and Luke motioned me to sit in the back next to him. I don't think I have ever sat in the back of the class in my life. Although I liked the front I went to the back where Luke was sitting. His friends came in at least I think they were they yelled Luke and did man hugs with them all I did was giggle. I don't know the names of his friends but one has black hair, one has brown hair, and the other has bright green hair.

"Hey guys I would like you to meet my friend Kaelah"

"Hello Kaelah I am Ashton" the one with brown hair said

"I'm Michael" the one with green hair said

"And that loser over there is Calum" Luke told me pointing over to the boy with black hair

Calum was already in his seat but when Luke introduced him he did a little wave over to me.

*Skip to Lunch*

"Hey Kaelah" I heard a girls voice I turned and saw Lela running up to me 

"Hey Lela I have no where to sit"

'Me either I am usually just by myself but now I have you where should we sit"

"HEY KAELAH OVER HERE!" I turned and saw Luke and his friends

"Kaelah is luke calling you to sit with him?" she asked in astonishment

"Yea wanna come with that is too many boys for me to take care of alone"

"Do you even have to ask those are the hottest boys in the school lets go!" we walked over rappidly thanks to Lela dragging me

"Hey Kaelah" Michael and Ashton said in unison

"Hey guys this is my friend Lela can she sit with us?" I asked knowing they wouldn't turn it down because Lela is beautiful when I say beautiful I mean FUCKING GORGEOUS now come on no guys turns that down

"No not at all" Calum said

*skip to walking home after school*

I was walking home alone and I see all four boys come up and try to scare me before they could even say BOO! I yelled "nice try but you gotta catch me if you wanna scare me" Finally after running for 10 minutes I was home and the boys gave up and Luke said "I didn't know you lived two houses down from me"

Yea well I do whatcha gonna do about it." I said jokingly and we all laughed

"wanna come by and hear us play tomorrow?" Michael asked politely

"That would be great, sure. can I bring Lela?"

"Yea sure, Please do!" Calum said quite Loud 

*Lukes P.O.V.*

Why the hell did Cal get so excited when Kaelah asked if she could bring Lela maybe I should go in the garage and ask him?

"Hey Cal"

"Hey Bro why do you look so worried"

"Do you have a crush on Lela?"

"Pshhhh why would you think that dude, but why did she ask about me"

"You need to calm down dude when your around her act chill alright"

When i opened the door, Mickey and Ash fell down like they were listening through the door and when they fell tried to play it cool.

A/N: i will continue the F.F. Later enjoy what I have so far Love you <3

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