Starting a new life

Hey, my names Ariana and I can't believe my mother!! She is making move to Sydney, Australia... What could possibly be there that we don't have here in Los Angeles, California. We'll I guess we will just have to find out together won't we.


11. Chapter 11: MIKEY!!

*Michael's P.O.V*

A/N: So I thought Mikey deserved a point of view mainly because he has been left out of the story but just wait a little!

After first period all seven of us were walking through the hallway and I saw the cutest girl ever she looked about our age she had long brown hair, braces, and the brightest orange backpack! When my staring at her was disrupted my someone yelling...

"MIKEY!!" Ashton shouted so loud I felt my ear drum was bleeding.

"What the Fuck man! That was so unnecessary BRO!"

"Dude it was totally necessary. You were totally zoned out on that girl."

"Who is she by the way?"

"Oh her that's Lexy she is new her dad got a job here in Sydney" Ariana said


"Calm down buddy o' pal she is my next class I am gonna go walk with her. Lel's, Viv, wanna come?"

"SURE!" they said in unison

As the girls walked off all I could think about was Lexy! Such a lovely name.

A/N: Another short one I know I am sorry. Also sorry for no Luke in this chapter but I have a good idea what to do with that situation.

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