New movella

Calum's sister is on tour with the boys
She is best friends with all the boys
But her an Ashton are too close
How will the tour go ??


2. Packing up

Calum i scream,what should I pack anything duh

Ok ok , I get it i just wanted to impress your band mates there gonna love u calum said as he walked in you promise , I promise now that we

Got that sob fest out of the way an I'm all packed up I need to download new apps and update to Instagram an twitter

Maddison I here Calum scream what I scream back ,there here

Ok be calm Maddison

I ran down stairs hugging all the boys saying hello over an over again

Then that's when it happened I looked at the perfect boy he had medium length hair brownish blondish hair when green eyes

With a huge smile on his beautiful face

Ashton's POV (Surprise)

We walked into Calum's house waiting for his sister then that's when it happened I saw the most amazing girl on the world she had long black an purple hair with big brown and green eyes with a very pretty smile

Hey I'm Ashton but call me Ash , Hey I'm Maddison but call me Maddi

Wow awkward I said to myself after she left and went her to go get her bags I turned around to say something to Calum but he stopped an said she likes you mate

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