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3. Question #2 and 3

These Questions are from Meli Love Styles.

Question 1: Have you ever been bullied..

Answer: Yes sadly I have and still am.
My story:
It was a nice day on the playground, it was recess time and these three girls came over to me, started screaming in my ears calling me fat making cry.Just because I wanted to hangout with there nice friend.Their friend was really nice funny thing, her friends weren't. Then  I tried to go hang out with my other friend, her friend Emily said no she is my friend and you can't hang out with her fatty. Which made me cry even more. Then I saw my sister was getting bullied,she was in 5th grade i was in 1st. "Hey get away from my sister!"I yelled to this girl
"What are you gonna do about it?"She asked
"Get a teacher! But what has she even done to you.."I yelled
Me not being smart at all, I was infront of the swing set where her and my sister were at.The girl bullying my sister was on the swing saw I was there, didn't  stop and came in and hit me in the stomach. And there I was lying flat on the grass, holding my stomach in pain.
Now to the recent bullying, I am now in 7th grade,that was 6 years ago now. And well, people are  calling me fat,stupid ugly and etc. behind my back and it makes me sick. But still even know its against the law now people still do it...

Question 2: Why do you like 1D?

Um I like them because there cute but also because of there music. I respect them as artist they are my idols, and I feel like when I listen to there music. I can be who I really am. And that makes me really really happy. And I would love to meet them one day..

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