Real and not pretend

Wait...Is my father telling me R5 is coming here!


2. Wait... What?!

"Alex!" my dad calls me out of my day dream. "Come here!" he calls from downstairs. "Coming!" I yelled back. My brother Shane and dad are waiting for  me at the bottom of the stairs.  "Oh no"  I thought. "I have something to tell you." My father says. OMG! Is this the moment I have been waiting for?! "R5 is coming to your party!" My dad said. OMG! OMG! OMG!  "Are you kidding me!" I asked. "No of course not" my dad replied.  " I have not even gotten to the best part yet". "Wait...Wait!!" . My head was spinning with excitement! "Really?" I asked .  " Well the band does not have any place to stay so they will be staying here, is that..." " YES YES YES THAT IS SOOO OKAY!"  Shane gave me a look, he is very protective, he always assumes the worst. "Wait?... Dad, you are letting them stay here?" Shane asked. "Do you know what could happen?"  "Shane, I trust your sister enough to know nothing will happen". "HA! Take that Shane!"  I silently replied. "Thank you so much Dad, I love you so much! When are they coming?!" He said they're coming in a week. Wait, hold up, did he just say a week?! He did!!! I can't wait! "Thank you dad!!"


A week later.

I am a cleaning freak. I have been cleaning since 5 am this morning. I want everything to be perfect! My brother on the other hand is acting like nothing is happening! I don't understand him at all. He can at least be a little happy for me. (Knock,knock). OMG, THEY ARE HERE! I run to the door. "HI!" I yelled at the stranger. "Hi, could you sign this for me?" asked the mailman. "AWKWARD!" " Oh, sure. sorry I thought you were someone else." "That's okay, thanks." He left with a grin on his face. I so thought it was them. 

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