Real and not pretend

Wait...Is my father telling me R5 is coming here!


1. Sweet 16!

My name is Alex. I am turning 16 this year! I am really excited! Now understand me now I am not spoiled at all... Well I am but... i'm not the kind of girl that gets everything she wants...Really! But this I am going to have the best sweet 16 birthday party ever! I want so many things for it... I sound like a brat don't i? I just want the party to be talked about at school for the rest of high school. Well I want my favorite band to be there R5!!! I love them soooooooooooooooooooooo much!!! If they were to come I would die. Of happiness! If they were my only gift, I would be really happy with that. I have one favorite member of R5, Ross Lynch!!! My plan is to get them for the party but then after the party I will sing for them! I have been singing all my life. I just want to know what they think of my voice. I really hope they like it.  I really hope I don't embarrass myself.  Oh,God now I am scared.


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