Real and not pretend

Wait...Is my father telling me R5 is coming here!


3. R5

I put some music on in the back round, I thought they would like that. Right? Someone knocked on the door. "OMG! They're here!" I walked to the door, "Hi!" I said. "I hope I don't sound like a loser". "Hello" Ross replied. "OMG they are here!!! I can't believe this!!!" "Welcome Mr. Lynch, It's really nice to meet you. I'm Alex" I said. "Okay, I know what you are thinking. You are thinking why are you not screaming and jumping up and down, right? Well I promised myself I would not scare them and be a crazy fan. I want to be a nice fan". "Wow it is really nice to met you all" I stared at them for what felt like 5 minutes until I heard Rocky say, "Wow, it's hot out here", "Oh, right! Sorry!" I let them in. "I will show you guys to your rooms".  We walked up the stairs to the guest rooms. "This is yours Ms. Lynch, if you need anything just ask I will be here." "Thanks" she replied.  I heard her say as I started walking to Rocky's room next. "This is your room Mr. Lynch",  "Uhh... Which one of us?" Asked Riker asked. "Uhhhhhhh, I guess you guys can choose, and of course I am not leaving you out Mr. Ratliff". "You can call me just Ellington if you want." "I think I am going to faint". "Yeah, I would love that?" "I'm stupid that sounded to much like a question".  


Next we had dinner, I made chicken Parmesan sandwiches.  I made like, 20 because I heard that boys eat a lot.  My brother never eats to much but I thought, why not? I like cooking.  "That looks so good" said a voice that I knew had to be Rydel. "Oh, thanks, i'm not done  yet.  I'm making Chicken Parmesan Sandwiches." "Wow that sounds amazing" said another voice. I smiled to myself trying to guess who it was. I knew when he said, "When do you think dinner will be ready?" I heard a sound and turned around to find Rydel hit Riker because he was rubbing his arm, I smiled. " I think it will be done in a few minutes, my Father will be home soon too". 

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