Real and not pretend

Wait...Is my father telling me R5 is coming here!


4. Dinner

My father had got home and we all sat around the table. I could almost hear the clock in the living room ,which is 3 rooms away, ticking relentlessly. "So..." Rocky said. "We all want to thank you for letting us stay here for a few weeks". "Oh, it's no problem" replied my father. " It is always nice to met the people who work for me". "My father is the boss of Hollywood Records". "You have a really nice house" said Ellington.  I blushed. "Thanks" I said. I thought the rest of the dinner would continue awkwardly, but then Ross and I started  a conversation and everyone joined in.

After dinner I showed the Ross, Rydel, Ellington, Riker and Rocky the Game room.  I thought they wouldn't mind a few games of pool, or whatever they do.  Rydel and I sat and watched them argue about who really sunk the 8 ball. "Boys" said Rydel.  "Yeah, tell me about it" I replied.  "One time my father and brother were playing in here and I could hear from my bedroom", "Oh," Said Rydel. "Where is your bedroom?" "It's on the 4th floor." "Wow, the fourth floor, can you show me?" Rydel asked.  "RYDEL WANTS TO SEE MYY ROOM?!!!"   "Yeah sure".  We went up the stairs to my bedroom. I felt really bad that my room was so far up, poor Rydel was out of breath when we finally got there. "Now I have my daily workout", "Sorry I never realized that getting to my room was such a workout".  "Why is your room so far up?"  "I wanted the bigger room. My brother and I fought over it until I finally asked if he wanted to walk this far multiple times every day",  "And he gave in".  Rydel guessed.  "Yep".  We walked into my Bright Blue and and lime green room.  "Oh, wow, this is amazing!"  "Thanks! This isn't even the best part".  "It's not?!"  Asked Rydel.  "No, the best part is the closet".  I got my remote for the room and pressed the on button. The doors to my closet opened and showed my sofa, television and clothes. "OH MY GOD!" Rydel screams.  "I LOVE THIS CLOSET!"  "Thanks, so do I. I always dreamed about this closet and when we moved here, I got it".  "Where did you move here from?"  "Kansas", "Wow, that's a big change".  "Yeah, it was difficult".  "Why did you move, may I ask".  "My mom died and living in the same house was really painful for everyone".  "I'm really sorry"  "Thanks" I said.


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